Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be A Hero: The Radical Virgo Wants YOU!

The Radical Virgo is both a person (Joyce Mason) and a thing (an astrology blog). We have some news we’d like to share! (I’m starting to sound like one of those split-personality Geminis!) While most behind-the-scenes updates at The Radical Virgo go to subscribers via the monthly New Moongram, occasionally, updates are of interest to the entire readership.  This is one of them. Thanks for sitting through the announcements!
Chiron Research Volunteers.  The recent Chiron quizzes really got us all going on how Chiron works in our lives. A number of you have already volunteered to participate in research for my full-length Chiron book in progress. Like everything I do, inner work is a huge part of my “process.” I ruminate and let cosmic signs lead me. I have been led in a direction different than I anticipated!

I want to use short anecdotes as examples of how people experience Chiron in the signs, houses and by transit. I am particularly interested in your experiences of Chiron’s transits to itself: 1st square, opposition, 2nd square, and Chiron Return. Other examples of Chiron’s transits to other planets are also welcome. Your identity will be protected, and while I can’t offer anything but the exciting knowledge that you might become part of the “Chiron literature,” I need many volunteers. Please see Chiron Research for all the details on how to participate. I am on a fast track with this book. The sooner the better, and may Chiron bless you with his healing. Be a hero!

Sacramento Area Astrologers.  I’ve been helping revive our local astrological organization in the Sacramento Area. I’m the President and CEO (catalyst, enthusiast and organizer). If you’re a reader anywhere within driving distance of California’s Capital, you’re invited to participate in our newly resurrected chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), previously active in from the late ‘80s through the early-to-mid 2000s. See our blog or Facebook page for more details. What a warm, eager, and simply wonderful tribe of stargazers! Contact me if you’d like to learn more about us!

Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights on Hiatus. After three years, I’ve put my “spirited living” blog on the back burner to focus on my books in progress and to make my writing available in multiple formats including print and e-readers. Hot/Cool was my first-born blog and has held a special place in my heart. It has given me the opportunity to write about many things dear to me in a broader spiritual perspective. Mine the Archives to see what I mean!

New Version, Chiron and Wholeness.  Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer has had a face-lift with some new graphics, minor corrections, and a few new thoughts added in. Anyone who  purchased a copy of this e-book is entitled to free updates, anytime there’s a new version. (Previous updates have been too minor to mention.) If you’d like to have this newer version dated November 2010, please e-mail me with Update E-book in the header. If you purchased your e-book in November or later, you already have the latest edition.

Closed Comments.  A few comments on Closed Comments. The Chiron Quiz had over 101 back-and-forth exchanges before I closed the dialogue. It’s the only time I’ve had to do so, and I will only exercise that option when comments come in avalanche proportions! I’m still working on Neptunian boundaries, especially when it comes to my time. A number of people sent comments after the Comments Closed notice was up on the post. If you missed the comment window, I want you to know I still read your comments, but I don’t publish them for continued conversation. Once I’ve closed the comments, to add others isn’t fair to those who wanted to comment, but didn’t because of the Closed Comments notice. Just wanted you to know you’re not being ignored. Here’s the part where I say if I were really a Gemini, there would be two of me and I wouldn’t have to close comments till we got to 202! Thanks for your understanding.

Radical Road Trips

It’s time for the Radical Virgo to hit the pavement on the Interstate instead of the Info Superhighway! Here are her stops so far this year:

Arizona (May 2011). I will be doing presentations in Phoenix and Tucson in May—hopefully in Sedona as well. If you live in any of these cities or are within driving distance of them, please contact me, if you’re interested in a reading while I’m in town or knowing the details on my presentations and workshops, as they develop. I am looking for local information to set something up in Sedona, as well. I’ll be in Tucson May 13-14 and in Phoenix May 20-21 with the possibility of extended days before or after to meet with clients. I hope to do an evening talk in Sedona sometime between May 17-19. Thanks in advance if you can help me create something Radical on the red rocks!

Chicago/Milwaukee (June 2011). I am planning to be in Chicago and Milwaukee in June. No firm dates yet, but I am available to speak to your astrology group and would love to hear from you and welcome your suggestions.

Speaker program offerings has details on the presentations I’m ready to give, but if there’s any topic you’ve read on The Radical Virgo or another custom workshop you’re interested in having me do, let’s talk!

Hope you’re all having a great New Year, and because you were good enough to not squirm during the announcements, the next post will be a humorous treat from Auntie Joyce who has some things to say about how “we are each other.”

Blessings All,


Lana said...

Dear Joyce
Thank you for all your efforts, and for the valuable research you undertake. I hope that the information and connections you need pour in. Louise L. Hay says "Everything I need to know is revealed to me" and I for one am grateful to you and your fertile imagination providing ways for this to happen!

Joyce Mason said...

So far, so good, Lana. I much appreciate the input I've already received from readers and look forward to the unfolding miracle of birthing this book. I need a lot of stories, so don't hesitate, dear readers!

And love to you for your encouragement, Lana!