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I don’t talk politics on my personal Facebook page in order to keep it a stress-free zone, an oasis for inspiration and laughter. I’ve been more willing to discuss the subject on my blog, The Radical Virgo, where PsychKicks is housed. Technically, I’m not violating my NPZ (No Politics Zone) by sharing the following opinions and inklings, even though I also share PsychKicks on Facebook. If you’d rather avoid the topic, I hope the title already scared you off. Here’s my take on the strange current happenings that mystify, if not terrify, a lot of us.

For the sake of your sanity, if you think you’re watching the Travesty of the Day every day, it’s important to see today’s political drama as Change in Progress. If your dearest dream is for the current Administration to go away, this edition of PsychKicks is especially for you. Whether or not it’s clear to us, we’re seeing the old paradigm dying, the prototype of the good old boys, back room deals and white privilege. Many Trump supporters like the old ways. A majority of Americans do not, which is why over half of them voted for Hillary Clinton or other candidates in 2016.That's also why, as of this writing, Trump has only a 36% approval rating, meaning 64% disapprove of what he's doing. It’s important to understand that there’s momentum building up toward a 100th Monkey effect, a reverse turn away from the old. A turn toward embracing progress and ultimately, respecting everyone. Oneness. Or as Buddha said, there are no others.

“If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.”
 ~John F. Kennedy
I see Donald Trump as a caricature of the flaws in our American system, what can go wrong if we don’t stick to our values and the principles of the Founding Fathers. If we let personal gain, denial and disinformation rule. Comedy is often the best way to get people to swallow difficult-to-take truths. God, Goddess, the Universe—however you perceive Higher Power—that energy source has a great sense of humor. Political comedy and cartoons have been side-splitting since Trump came down that escalator and ran for office.

There’s a part of me that feels compassion for this man who calls others a mess at the drop of a hat but refuses to look inward and get some help for his own disaster, another of his favorite words he applies to everyone but himself. His insecurity is sad, and I shudder to think of what in his upbringing resulted in such desperation for flattery, admiration and self-defined winning at any cost. I won’t debate his sanity or lack thereof. It’s on display every day for folks to draw their own conclusions.

But I can’t help but notice some obvious clichés and principles that fit the idea of the old dying. First, there’s the maxim, things usually get worse before they get better. Do they ever! (And judging by the last few days as I write this, they may get worse in a way that one politico I respect calls chilling.) Yet there are plenty of people, to paraphrase the movie Network, who are mad as hell and just won’t take it anymore. Complacency can be overcome by threats to health, safety and even one’s own peace of mind.

The other things I can’t help but notice come from my own, literal experiences with watching loved ones die. There is nearly always a rally when the end is near. The old has had one helluva rally with Trump’s victory (legitimate or not) and the Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Most Republicans are old school, some older than others. That’s why it’s considered the conservative party.

But after the rally comes the crash, including the death rattle. The inability to reach consensus on health care is a perfect example of an administration gasping for final air. Not even the Republicans could all agree on a replacement for Obamacare. More people of diverse political persuasions see how denying medical insurance is a literal death sentence for some people. The protests, especially by the disabled, are touching and just one example of “mad as hell.” If the USA is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, how is that ideal within reach unless health care is a life-affirming right?

I don’t hate Donald Trump. I think he is the wrong person for President in these turning-point times. (OK, anytime.) But he may just be the right person to make people so fed up; they start finding original or well-tried and successful solutions to our problems that have worked in other countries. For example, those countries that have struggled with the complexity of medical care delivery systems. Among these civilized societies, mostly our allies, single-payer universal health care is what works.

Many of us are so tired of disrespect, name calling, unpresidential behavior, sexism—and possibly far worse sins in terms of milking the Presidency for personal gain, possible collusion with Russia or downright treason. Yet this outlandish behavior may just be the catalyst to rethink where we stand with our republic and some solutions we thought we’d never need, like minimum qualifications to run for the office of President.

This won’t last. It will pass. Likely sooner than later. If you haven’t  already read it, take a look at Allan Ishac’s article on Extra NewsFeed,Trump Will Resign By The SummerHere’s How It’s Going To Happen.” Oozing with tongue-in-cheek humor that’s likely at least, in part, politically prescient, the article is hilarious with the gritty feeling of grains of truth. Ishac has the same Flag Day (June 14) birthday as DJT. He claims this gives him an inside track on how Trump ticks.

And whether or not it’s sooner—this summer—or later, Trump has dramatic astrological transits in August that are likely to catalyze major upheaval in his life and public standing. (A simple search will yield lots of opinions, but none of them I’ve seen so far promise smooth sailing.)

I believe Trump will resign because the long-held rules of checks and balances among branches of government won’t let him do it his way. (Cue Frank Sinatra music.) His way looks more like a dictatorship every day. No wonder he admires Vladimir Putin. (He probably secretly wishes he had a Siberia for exiling political enemies and disloyal friends.)

But the dethroning of Trump, whenever and however it happens, is just the beginning. The rest of it is up to us, and we’ve got a lot of work to do in order to create a better world that works for all.

How will you do your part?


This Week’s Exercise
Find one thing you can do, even if it’s very small, to contribute to positive political change. Some examples: 
  • Sign petitions, donate money or volunteer to support political causes that stir your passions.  
  • Go to a city council meeting on a topic you care about deeply. Good government starts at the local level.
  • Talk to someone with different political beliefs, engaging both head and heart—and your most respectful behavior. (This one is challenging, but it's the one we most have to learn to do.)
 Start now and build on your first steps. 

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