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Intuition, personal premonitions

The power to know the future: It’s often the reason we’re drawn into astrology, tarot or other esoteric arts.

I gave up wanting to know a long time ago. For the most part, I don’t want previews of the coming attractions. I just want to know what subjects are up for my personal learning and to have insights that enable me to change in the positive direction the universe is nudging me. (There’s always a choice between positive and negative. The positive usually involves surrender to what is and what’s on the horizon. The negative is about fighting tooth and nail against the current winds of time. Fighting it can use up all the energy you need to cope with it.)

Realizing that I had many of the classic symptoms of a control freak in the earlier years of my life, I see “predicting the future” as just another example of trying to control rather than enjoy life as it happens. I swore off.

This brings me to my personal experiences with my own intuitive and psychic abilities. I have a deal with the universe. I’m willing to put these gifts to use for the greater good, but I don’t want anything spooky or super unsettling to be the method of transmission. I asked for subtle, and that’s pretty much what I get.

My most frequent messages come in three categories:

Entry and Exit Inklings

This category includes any instant chemistry I feel with people when we first meet, whether it’s attraction or repulsion. I have learned never to ignore these signals from my body. I usually know in the first 10 seconds of meeting someone whether they will be an important person in my life. This can happen “live” or online. With love interests, it has always been instantaneous—a visceral, magnetic energy.

The exit part of the category has to do with a feeling I get as I watch someone walk away from me. Sometimes it is accompanied by a thought that zips through my head. Other times, it feels like a spotlight has been thrown on their parting from Above and I get a kind of super-charged vision of them. Once that feeling was attached to a woman who ultimately passed on within a few years. As she walked away, it was the last time I’d ever see her. In another case, I watched a friend walk away and the thought whipped across my mind like a meteorite: “I wonder if I’ll ever see her again?” I thought I was crazy and dismissed it as a brain misfire. Six months later she died unexpectedly. These are the more unsettling kind for me, and I’m glad I don’t linger on them until they are clarified later.

Cosmic Repetitions

Subjects or people keep coming up in conversation, or you encounter them in other various ways. For instance, the subject of adoption kept coming up for me in 1985—people adopting, searching for birth parents and a new magazine in the window of Woolworth’s near my work where adoptees and birth parents could place ads to find each other. I had never seriously considered looking for my birth family until this trio of universal tugs on my psyche sent a light bulb to my thought bubble. By the next year, I had been reunited with my birth mom and a large part of my birth father’s family. (He died in the ‘60s at only 44.) I found my birth mom a week before she had a lumpectomy for breast cancer. She had told her best friend two weeks before my call, “Wouldn’t it be great if my daughter found me before my surgery?” I believe I’m both a transmitter and receiver when it comes to getting information on the wires of my heart connections.

The magic number for identifying a cosmic nudge seems to be three. If a subject or clue appears in your life at least three times in a reasonably short period of time, you can bet it’s Guidance calling.

These messages can also appear in dreams. Another hint to find my birth mom appeared in repetitive dreams about happy reunions. I had dreams of similar theme when being directed to find other lost loves, which turned out to be one of my specialties this lifetime and my particular healing path.
Cosmic direction doesn’t have to be on the big stuff only, either. If you are struggling with which car to buy and you keep bumping into people bragging about their Hondas … well?

Not-So-Chance Encounters

Someone’s on my mind or I keep meaning to call them. I run into him or her at a restaurant or shop--or they call before I get around to calling them. I call this manifesting them. We’re beamin’. We are transmitting our desire to see each other across our invisible connection wires. I’ve gotten so used to it; I often greet the person with, “I’ve been expecting you.” 

This phenomenon is especially true for me if I’ve ever slept in the same room with someone. I don’t just mean as lovers. My sister and I were famous for calling each other before the phone rang, so to speak. We had shared both a room and, at times, a bed as kids.

My theory on the strong connection with close-proximity sleeping is that while dreaming, both people’s subconscious minds are active and probably interacting with each other. After experiencing a subconscious connection when near each other, distance eventually does not matter because the connection strengthens over time and ultimately transcends the need to be close to each other for it to work.

This Week’s Exercise

Do you ever take milestone moments (births, deaths, new relationships, new career directions) and track any inkling you had about them before they happened? Start now if the idea intrigues you. The results may surprise you. Keep an Inklings Journal so that when the inkling becomes part of your reality, you can reinforce and appreciate your intuitive and/or psychic abilities. This helps you believe in yourself and your integrated body-mind-spirit when it speaks to you.

I’d love you to hear about your experiences in the Comments.


Photo Credits: Kids side kicking ~ keigo1027yasuda –, Metaphysical energy field - © Nikki Zalewski

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