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PsychKicks© -- Summer Solstice, an Endbeginning

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Astrology and Ritual

Years ago I read an article in Yoga Journal entitled “Endbeginnings.” Most people know this concept instinctively or through adages like, “When one door closes another door opens.” The idea is expressed so often; it has almost become trite. Yet like most things, there’s more to it than meets the eye. More hidden inside.

Every ending is a beginning. Conjoining the words emphasizes how they flow into one another, often so seamlessly, we barely notice them. Most of us focus on one or the other in the transition, the end or the new beginning, usually with anxiety about one, the other or both. The term endbeginning is so yoga-like and a good reminder that change can come with ease if we simply breathe deeply and move our body and spirit in the direction we’re leaning—or being leaned by the universe.

I love the solstices and equinoxes because they are the big zodiacal endbeginnings of each year. Even those who don’t speak astrology are intimately familiar with the changes of season. These turning points offer a perfect time to pause and reflect on Here and There—where you’re going and where you’ve been.

While I’ve co-facilitated ceremonies on these Cardinal shifts for nearly 30 years, the purpose of the group process is to highlight and celebrate individual growth. At all Solsisters rituals, Christy and I focus on ways to encourage self-reflection and provide guideposts on each woman’s individual journey.
How to Celebrate the Solstice—All by Yourself or with Others

Sit quietly with pad and pen, maybe with some background music that goes well with this particular endbeginning such as Summer by George Winston. Write down what seeds (changes, goals, commitments) you’ve been sowing since Spring Equinox. Considering the seasons are endbeginnings, no need to Virgo it. If the seeds were planted a bit earlier than the exact Equinox date, write them down anyway.

All you have to do this summer is watch how these seeds grow between now and Autumn Equinox. I suggest revisiting your list at least weekly and making growth notes, measuring them in whatever way fits your internal yardstick. By fall you’ll be able to see what they’ve grown into—and acknowledge yourself for your accomplishments, forgive yourself where you fell short and think about where you want to go next spring planting season, with winter off to rest and reflect, learning even more from your spring and summer’s blooms as your subconscious weighs in on what happened.

And the Sun Stood Still

The dictionary definition of Solstice [1] can be found here, but my favorite part of the word solstice is its derivation. It means the Sun stood still … or at least it seems that way on the first day of summer when we pause and pivot from the longest day, inching into slow-growing darkness till dark dominates at Winter Solstice. Within that concept is the reminder that we, too, should stand still on these thresholds to appreciate where we are in the Turning of the Wheel, as we progress around the zodiac and our lives. It’s in silence and reflection—followed by revelry!—where the richness of life is discovered.

This Week’s Question

In what ways will you celebrate spring into summer’s endbeginning?

You’re encouraged to share in the Comments.

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An Endbeginning for The Radical Virgo

All healing is a quest for wholeness. Few people get there with just one medicine, tool or in a single leap. After much reflection and time away from writing to care for my husband over the past two-and-a-half years, I’ve realized that I want to write about all facets of metaphysics and my personal medicine bag, not just astrology.

And I want to write about intuition, how we hone it as the guide to wholeness and the glue that holds all the parts of us together. To a certain extent, I already have, but my need to make this mixed media approach my main focus was an epiphany.

Like Chiron, the patron saint of this blog, I am a holistic healer. (When I turned 60, I had a croning ceremony where I accepted a necklace that says Heals with Words.) I have always wondered why I’d get to a certain place with astrology and feel uncomfortable, tired of analyzing and writing about its technicalities—and limiting my reach only to those who know its complex language. There are many other astrologers who translate the stars with enthusiasm and endless energy. They do it well.

My role is integrative like Chiron’s. He was a surgeon, herbalist, astrologer, musician, mentor and hero-maker. From this realization, PsychKicks was born. I hope you find much to discover from “all of me.” I'll keep my option open for writing strictly astrological posts whenever the spirit moves.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Announcing PsychKicks©, a New Feature Starting June 21, 2017

Psych yourself up with like-minded sidekicks, exploring the symbols all around us—together.

We are all psychic whether we realize it or not. How much more fun would it be to explore the symbols all around us with each other as sidekicks?  Or psychkicks?

My Cosmic Tractor Beam has sent me some new coordinates! I’m starting a new feature, a weekly kick-start for mind and spirit featuring an eclectic use of metaphysical tools. While I’m now retired from one-on-one consultations, for many years my Inner Growth Work practice included astrology, tarot, dreamwork and flower essences and any other tools that waved hello and said, “Use me.” Combined with the Radical Virgo characteristic of reducing cosmic downloads to their most helpful nuggets for growth and healing, I’m hoping to start your week in a way that fires up your mind and psyche to help kick off a good week from the get-go. Often the kick will the kind that brings laughter. And you’re invited to comment or contribute. That’s what psychkicks on the journey do.


The usual post day will be Mondays except for the launch post on June 21. Psych-Kicks© may ultimately move to more frequent posts and its own domain.

What to Expect

Here’s a live demo! While writing this on June 2, I was inspired draw an Angel Card for this sample message. I got Efficiency.

After telling you my source, which could be anything from astrology to other oracles or a recent synchronicity, I’ll go inward to consult my intuition about what the universe wants to convey to us. Sometimes I’ll share quotes or bits of others’ wisdom on the topic, too.

So here goes:


We all need a certain amount of efficiency to make our lives work. Otherwise, we get distracted with side-trips that delay getting to our goals—or even fall into time traps that use up minutes, hours, days or more by “looking busy” even if only to ourselves. Those time traps are blocks of living that you might want to put to better use: thinking things through, laughing, playing or relaxing. Worse, time traps don’t help you get to where you’re going.

True efficiency requires that you set aside time at least every month to look at the big picture of your life. This living portrait of your existence is dynamic, not set in stone. New data or new insights may shift your focus, even your goal.

We are so easily fooled by short-term goals. We’re like politicians only seeing an issue in the timeframe between now until the next election. Think of the short-term goals as building blocks to the Big Picture. But what if you haven’t sufficiently seen the structure and the possibilities of the longer view? You might have an inkling of what you want somewhere inside you, but if you haven’t sufficiently rolled around all the possible paths and identified your true desires, you might just be building the wrong structure. Instead of a seaside condo, you might wake up in the middle of a steel office building. Or God backwards forbid, a dog house.

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.  ~ Peter Drucker

Recently I struggled with hating to postpone a big project. My whole body and being were telling me it wasn’t the right time. On reflection I realized I was worrying more about others’ thinking I was crazy to take so long to get to it—and that I was only seeing the advantages of doing the project sooner than later. Several stumbling blocks to doing it more immediately appeared to expose the faster track as foolhardy. Confirmation by the universe helped me surrender to divine timing, and once I did, I could see huge advantages in waiting.

My friend Janet said something really cool about my struggle. She said a choice between good and bad is easy, but choices between two good options are much harder. Thanks to learning over the years to read cosmic signals, I had the eyes to see. I know for sure which of the two good choices to pursue …

… unless or until my Big Picture Review shows me otherwise.

What does pondering efficiency do for you?

(Such a Virgo word.)


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