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Munchies for Astro-Thought: Heartstrings

We all know the expression, food for thought. This feature is more like a snack. It’s a prompt for thinking about some astrological idea and how it works for you. I’d love to have your feedback in the Comments!

Today’s Munchie assumes that you’re old enough to have had more than one deep love relationship in your life. (If not, use close friends and/or relatives for comparative purposes.) It's perfect for the current Venus Retrograde cycle (25-Jul to 6-Sep 2015 ). Relationship reviews are a positive use of Venus Rx. These looks back and often reveal life-long patterns and insights that fundamentally change how we see and relate to others.

Look at the charts of the major loves of your life. What do they have in common? No deep analysis needed. Just look at what jumps out at you.

Once you identify the “trend,” think about what it might mean related to you and your own chart.

Example: Of the five men I have loved over many decades, all but one had Fire a Moon, the majority in Leo. This also applies to my father and brother.

What It Might Mean: Fire is my weakest element. I may attract men who “fill in my missing fire.” The Fire I have is Saturn/Pluto in the 4th House. Could be that to feel at home with someone, I need their fire as my figurative hearth. Of course, with those two planets in the 4th, my relationships tend to be intense and the long-lasting, whether or not the relationship lasts in its original form. I never stop loving someone I have ever loved—only the form changes.

The Leo trend connects by sextile to my planets in Libra—Venus, Mercury and Neptune. Easy for me to love a Leo Moon.

Have fun with it!


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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Between the Posts: Munchies for Astro-Thought

We all know the expression, food for thought. This new feature is more like a snack. It’s a prompt for thinking about some astrological idea and how it works for you. I’d love to have your feedback in the Comments!

Here’s the first Munchie:

If you had a t-shirt and could print only one word on it, what would that word be? And where does that word “come from” in your chart?

Using myself as an example that won’t be a surprise to some of my regular readers (I’ve said it before), my word would be Gutsy. Where that comes from in my chart is Mars trine Jupiter. See The Astrology of Fear and Courage for discussion on how Mars rules courage.

Have fun with it!


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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flags of Independence: The US, the Rainbow and the Question Mark

New Musings and Old Posts on the US and Independence Day and the Dilemma of Cancer/Aquarius

Article © 2015 by Joyce Mason

I couldn’t suppress my urge to write about topics related to Independence Day, the US 4th of July. I’m not a flag waver by nature because I feel the flag I’d rather wave is a big question mark. By that I mean something akin to the sentiment that was on a bumper sticker on the cars of many Unitarians when I frequented that church in the 1980s. It said, “To question is the answer.” I believe those who really love their country don’t take what happens on blind faith but question what’s in the right spirit for the benefit of all in their extended family of Americans from sea to shining sea.

I have questioned where my homeland is heading a lot in recent years. I hate to admit it, but at times, I’ve been embarrassed to be American. There have been many things bothering me about how our country is run, the pockets of extreme hate and prejudice still contributing to senseless deaths and misery, and the imposition of views that also seem just plain wrongheaded to my Virgo-logical mind. On the world stage, some of our laws and practices seem childish, short-sighted and simply not what a civilized country does or doesn’t do for its people.

That all changed when the conservative Supreme Court recently upheld the right for gays to marry. I once had a “fanatic Catholic” landlord, a term my mom used in the 1950s to designate those overly devoted to the letter of our religion rather than its spirit. My landlord told me 20 years ago that when the gays got rights, especially to marry, it would be the beginning of Armageddon and the End Times.

I told him I thought it would be the beginning of Peace on Earth.

I don’t think that set well. Nevertheless, the truth is that gays until lately have been our last lepers. (I can’t tell you how the turnaround of that sentiment in a relatively short time has stoked my faith in my fellow country-folk.)  It’s time we stopped treating the perennial ten percent of the population whose sexual attraction is different from the mainstream like an aberration. It’s as “off” as denying rights to people with blue eyes because brown dominates.

Of course, eye color doesn’t have to do with sexuality, about which many Americans seem never to have gotten out of the Victorian Era.

I’m Probably Preaching to the Choir

Most people who are into astrology have a lot in common with gay people. We’re both Uranian—different—and we’ve both probably experienced the projection of others’ devils.

I’m happy to report that prejudice against astrologers and astrology has taken a noticeable downturn since I began practicing in 1988. Still, those who treat the topic and those “into it” like we have horns and smell of Sulphur still can cause major discomfort. Most of us are peaceniks and loveniks who see “God” as bigger than the sky.

But finishing my two cents worth on acceptance of gays: I’ve heard the arguments against gay marriage, primarily from conservative Christians, yet I see nothing in the life of Jesus that would argue his support of denying anyone the rights of full humanity. Or full spirituality. Jesus hung out with all kinds of people, including the “dregs” of society. He preached love at every level. He’d be more likely to champion gays and denounce those who wanted to stone them, whether the rocks were literal or figurative.

I have read in several places summaries of research by (largely heterosexual) Jewish scholars that that we have misinterpreted the portion of the Hebrew bible, commonly believed to condemn homosexuality. The “man lying with man” did not actually refer to homosexuality but rather …”an act of heterosexual substitution of a male in place of a female by a heterosexual male, and, possibly, may even … be done in an idolatrous worship scenario.” (I leave you to read and discover this different point of view.)

While I respect others’ rights to their beliefs, I cannot support when they infringe on others’ rights. If you believe homosexuality is an abomination: I don’t see what value it adds to your life, but if it works for you, I acknowledge your right to believe in and live by it. The same goes for wanting to make abortion illegal, “keeping women in their place” and similar stances. I support the rights of these believers not to have homosexual relationships, not to have abortions (I probably wouldn’t myself) and to let the man wear the pants and the woman the chastity belt. On the other hand, many with these beliefs would have the mainstream of society forced to live by their rules. That’s not OK by me. Nor would it be OK by me for anyone to force those who find them distasteful into gay or egalitarian relationships against their will.

Also, as we celebrate America’s birth and its Cancer Sun and Aquarius Moon, anything that gives children and couples stable, committed home lives is reason enough for me to wave my flag. And I don’t care if those kids are biological from previous heterosexual relationships, from donor sperm or by adoption. Kids are kids; family is family. Who cares if your parents are one of each or two of the same sex? Love is love.

Or as a woman I knew who discovered late in life that she was attracted to other women said, “We should be more worried about how we hate, not how we love.”

Linguistic Ironies

We got into a lot of trouble making the US “one country, under God.” At the same time, we created separation of Church and State in the USA. Go figure. From this doublespeak, many of our woes arise.

At the time of the Founding Fathers, the view of God was more uniform that it is nowadays. Today we have everything from the literal man with the white beard in the sky to atheists, agnostics, and those who practice “freelance spirituality” who see the divine in the workings of an amazing cosmos. Thus they often call the Higher Power the Universe.

Something the USA needs to do more often? To interpret our founding documents in modern context. Society evolves. “The right to bear arms” was great on the frontier when a person was forced to defend himself against all kinds of critters, bandits and bad guys. But in modern America, letting anyone own a gun—including those who are clearly mentally ill—has led to atrocities beyond imagining.

Speaking of Evolution

One of the best books I’ve ever read that promotes understanding of divergent spirituality was written by Scotty McLennan. Scotty is a Unitarian minister and the prototype for Reverend Scott in the Doonesbury cartoons by Garry Trudeau, his good friend. The book is called Finding Your Religion: When the Faith You Grew Up With Has Lost Its Meaning. One of the major gems in this guidebook for finding your adult spirituality is a checklist called “What Stage Are You In”? It explains how beliefs evolve from Stage 1 (Magic) where you think God makes everything happen for good and bad through five other stages, ending in Stage 6 (Unity) where you see yourself in community with people of all traditions, committed to their beliefs. We cannot expect Stage 6 behavior from Stage 1 or 2’s—or even from Stage 5’s. Most of us pass through several stages before landing where we are now. I love this material because it helps everyone understand that those who “don’t get it” from our viewpoint just aren’t there. They may never be in this lifetime, and we just have to respect them for where they are.

The Cancer/Aquarian (or Moon/Uranus) Quincunx

The chart of the USA is a conundrum, regardless of which Ascendant you prefer, with its Cancer Sun and Aquarius Moon.

Perhaps no one captures this inconjunct more than gay families. Their Uranian nature and desire to have the same family life and rights as anyone else is a living example of how this sign/planet and aspect can work itself out at best. It didn’t come easy, but here we are. And, again, I believe it’s the beginning of a new kind of peace—one of inclusion and not division, a joining that’s at the heart of peace itself.

This year I’m proud to wave the US flag! Especially because of the rainbow emanating from it.

Because these Cancer and Aquarian energies are what our country is made of and was founded upon, there is no 4th of July that has ever meant more to me as a person or astrologer. The essence of what it is to be both free and a respected member of a family and community was captured in the affirmation of equality in marriage.

Every Uranian reading this knows what I mean. Why has being unique also had to mean feeling left out so much of our lives? Praise God/Goddess/All That Is—the Universe. Let it be over.

May this incredibly Libran decision be just the beginning of more evolution toward Free to Be You and Me. And as the lyrics in My Convictions from Hair say, “As long as you don’t hurt anybody.”


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Bonus: Red, White and Blue Reposts

A really savvy mom I knew many years ago once told me, “I realized when my sons were just babies that I was training them, bit by bit, to leave home.” Never mind that she was a Sagittarius and would be more keenly aware of the joys of leaving the nest. This is still a remarkable realization for someone not far from the glow of early motherhood.

Recently, I wrote about how the world is becoming more Virgo. Well, at least my part of the world. Virgo is the #2 Sun sign in the USA. Check out these stats from Statistic Brain. Are you as amazed as I am to find out that the #1 Sun sign in the US is Scorpio? (More Scorpios than any other sign?) There are a couple of reasons why I was less surprised on second thought …

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Astrology of Fear and Courage

 Article © 2015 by Joyce Mason

I had a profound insight in the past year about how fearful I am. I hadn’t realized the degree and frequency of my fears. I’ve just learned to live with them. They are my “normal.” I am afraid often about a lot of things. While not fearful to the level of paranoia or even chronic negativity, it is still exhausting to deal with anxiety and worries on an ongoing basis. I’d rather not.

If I could have only one t-shirt that says it all about me, it would have a single word on it—Gutsy. Courage isn’t an absence of fear. Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway. Another way to look at it: I’ve got plenty of opportunity to be gutsy.

For the sake of truth in advertising, I’ll admit that I am not good with physical danger. You’d never catch me hang gliding, mountain climbing or even riding a roller coaster or Ferris wheel. But when it comes to the inner journey and doing what seems emotionally risky or dangerous, if it’s the right thing to do, I’ll leap without a net if there’s no time to find or construct one.

Ruminating on fear and courage led me to a lot of questions about how astrology plays into our expression of these two opposites of paired emotion and action.

Fear stops while courage acts. For fully functioning human beings, fear and courage are an ongoing balancing act.

Which Planet Rules Fear?

I’m not sure I know the answer to this question. Many a well-known astrologer has argued for Saturn or Neptune. (This pair is the opinion of Rex E. Bills in is long respected reference, The Rulership Book.) I’d argue that any of the outers, including Chiron, can be scary—each in their own right. I’d love to spark a conversation on this issue. Whether natal stresses or transitory effects, here’s how I have experienced each of the PUNCs as hair raising:

SaturnHe can be the biggest party pooper on the planet, the energy that forces us to stop in our tracks and reconstruct areas of our lives that we’d rather leave status quo. Saturn’s an entire construction zone that blocks efficient freeway access. He causes ongoing bottlenecks in the workings of your day-to-day life. Worse, he sends you back to school to learn more about some subject when you’re often not in the mood to study. Sure, you’ll get a diploma in the end, but why doesn’t this campus have more extracurricular activities and less pop quizzes that are more like unexpected finals?

The Ruler of time itself, Saturn knows better than we do when a particular curriculum is up for mastering. He can be so inconvenient. (If they can do away with the military draft; why not the draft for advanced courses on being human?)

ChironChiron represents your sore spot, your Achilles heel in some way, but also your shamanic heal. Most of us cringe, duck and cover whenever we think pain might be hurtling toward us. It’s a natural reaction. A survival instinct. And let’s not forget that even the healing part is riddled with bugaboos. Traditional shamanic work has something to do with ripping the patient apart and putting him or her back together again, reassembling an intact soul in the process. If the dismemberment isn’t literal; it’ll at least be figurative and psychological. Eek! Who’d sign up for that in a hurry?

However, the pain is presented is a catalyst. I this case, the Rx is working through the pain and unleashing the energy release that starts the divine domino effect toward wholeness. Still, meanwhile … ow …

Uranus This God of Change throws lightning bolts like an Olympic javelin master, but on his own schedule, never yours. He teaches by surprises and upsets. His brand of fear is fomented by an energetic that contributes to wide mood swings and manic states that aren’t always helpful, like sleep disturbances. He’ll jolt you with aha’s on the upside, but on the downside, he’ll make you feel like you’re at the height of PMS or menopause regardless of your gender. You’ll feel out of control and have boomerangs and monkey wrenches in your path whenever you least expect it.

The upside to Uranus when it comes to fear can be found hidden in its unpredictable nature. That is, unless you’re a transit tracker by the day or hour or can’t keep your nose out of your natal chart for 15 minutes to live instead of second guessing what might happen. (Am I being too harsh on Astro-compulsions?) Think of how much more fear you whip up imagining all the possibilities for Uranus, rather than just letting it give you its surprise, pleasant or otherwise. You’ll probably guess wrong, anyway. (The nature of surprise is giving you what you’d least expect.) Save your energy. You’ll need it to deal with the Uranian energy surges.

Neptune – Who isn’t afraid of drowning in an ocean of feelings? Even good swimmers know about undertows and rip tides—and tsunamis. The water element can’t whip the face right off a species that cannot breathe in it.

Because Neptune and Pisces are so formless, their waves of fear are often extremely diffuse and therefore hard to address when you can’t even name them. The big issue here is loss of self into the sea of everyone. Personal annihilation. On its downside, Neptune can set your teeth chattering, just like being in the water too long and then hitting air. So beautiful on its artistic, oneness and spiritual side, but so genuinely uncomfortable on the other. If comfort involves a sense of control, Neptune generates fear by the sense of being totally lost at sea in a canoe at best.

Pluto - Who in their right might doesn’t shake in their boots when they see Darth Vader or the devil? The darkest side of Pluto is pure hell with all the archetypal imagery to go with it. Pluto transits are the most dreaded, and when you have a strong natal Pluto, people look at or hear about your chart and utter that deadly word, “interesting.” There is no winning with Pluto. Surrender is the only option and the journey through darkness is the only path to the other side. If you’re lucky, you’ll learn trust in the process. If you really ace the course, you’ll trade projection of the dark into owning your own and with it your personal power.

Which Planet Rules Courage?

Mars is obvious! (And by the way, Rex is with me on this one. He says Aries/Mars.) All the great swashbucklers and heroes are classically Aries-like in their natures, galloping away on a white charger or in a racy sports car to slay dragons or beat up bad guys. As the old Nike ads go, these supermen and women just do it. They often charge forth with little concern about the risks they’re taking and let bravado and adrenaline carry them off to the adventure and through it.

Think of your natal chart. How could your Mars counterbalance any stress you have from Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto?

In my case, I have one of the outers in square to ASC, Sun and Moon. But I have Mars trine Jupiter. The blessing? A big shot of courage that ultimately shakes me loose from the chronic fearfulness wrought by dealing with the gods of change every hour of every day.

What insights come from your Mars configuration? Is it easy or more challenging to be your own hero? If it’s difficult, do you have an easier time (flowing aspects) with any of the fear-potential planets to balance the picture?

Your Choices

There’s an upside and positive polarity of every planet in your chart. Examples from mine on how to harness them:

  • When I can use my Pluto square ASC to help me realize the power of my persona, I feel less like I’m up against Tony Soprano and more like I’m channeling the pure power of love. (This is the higher level of leading with a lot of Taurus Rising/Venusian charm.)
  • When Neptune square Moon leaves me as hypersensitive as a raw nerve, I can withdraw until I can cope better and in the silence, hear the answers for me that are so close in psyche; I can almost breathe them in.
  • When Uranus supercharges my Sun in my one assignment too many as a change maker, I can draw on its flash insight quality to bring me just what I need to know about doing the job at the moment I need it. This leaves me rest periods in-between inspiration surges to recharge my own energy system.

Your personal fear/courage system is well worth exploring. Take a trip to your past and identify your most scary—and most courageous—moments. Match them up with transits of the outers (fear) and Mars (courage). Write down what you learn for further study.

One parting thought. Fear comes from uncertainty and our addiction to the status quo. Comfort is very overrated, and the PUNCs do not abide getting too used to things as they are. When you can cultivate an appreciation for the dynamic nature of life, the outer planets will seem less scary and more like the stimulus du jour. We say we crave excitement, but for most of us, that’s a big whopper, if we're really honest with ourselves. Most of us really want to find a groove and coast there. But if we coast too long, boredom sets in, a malady worse in many ways than transits of all the PUNCs combined, at once. At least the drama is exciting.

Balancing fear and courage is also about balancing excitement and same-old. The formula for just the right amount of each is personal, something you can experiment with and tweak as you get to know how to transmute fears by using the best qualities of the outer planets and the full potential of your Mars.


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The Radical Reposts will continue with the next post on the Signs – Comparative.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Radical Reposts: The Signs – Individual

Dear Radical Readers,

It took almost a half year to get through the reposts on the planets. Time to move on to rediscover or re-enjoy posts that focus on the 12 signs. There are two types: articles that explore an individual sign and those that compare the Tribe of Twelve.

We’ll start with articles that target specific signs. The vast majority of “sign” articles are comparative. The singletons are highlighted this round. Naturally, because this is The Radical Virgo blog, the most sign articles are about Virgo. For a year, I did articles on each New Moon. Although they are time-specific about how the Moon colored the month ahead back then, there’s also a lot of information that pertains to each Moon sign overall. So, I’m including them. The sign archetype has the same generic qualities regardless of the planet it modifies. Whether it is the sign of your Sun, Moon, Mercury or whatever just means the planet has those sign characteristics in the area of life each planet represents.

Signing off for now—or is it on?—


I coined this expression for a friend with five planets in Ram, whenever it’s obvious that she and God operate on different calendars. I told her once, “You need to practice the P-word.” She had no idea what word I was talking about.  Short on the P-word, Patience: Aries typically want everything yesterday. The Ram charges forward, horns first, bursting with exuberant, fiery energy.

Moonwalk: Aries (27-Mar-11)

Note: This one’s worth opening for the unique Aries artwork!
I imagine this Ram Goddess pictured to be lingering in one of the few rare moments of quiet where Lunar Aries might actually pause and let her fiery nature simmer. The occasion? Looking up at the Moon to contemplate her next new birth.

Well over 40 years ago, my sister Janet and my brother Don made me an auntie with the birth of their children, just two years apart. At the time, I had not yet studied astrology. While I had more than a passing curiosity about it, I don't remember ever thinking much about the fact that both these kids had Aries Sun. How poetic with the Aries penchant for being first that the child who first made me an aunt—Robbie— was an Aries. And as for Dawn, she was my first niece. How fitting they’d both be Aries, both of them firsts in my auntiehood, each in their own way.


Moonwalk: Taurus (27-Apr-11)
Love. Beauty. Luxury. The Taurus Moon is a nice place to visit where comfort in the body feels fabulous. I'd even want to live there. Moon in Taurus feels like a spa day ...

Beauty is like a Jupiter Transit. It’s a drive-by cute-ing. It brings great gifts but its duration feels way shorter than any of the more challenging transits from Saturn through the outer planets. When an individual has an abundance of Taurus or Libra in his or her chart, especially in the position of Ascendant, Sun, Moon, or Venus itself, s/he … is influenced by Venus.


Moonwalk: Gemini (30-May-11)
Two-in-One. The facet of Gemini most people know, even if they barely know anything about astrology, is the Twins' famous split personality. If Gemini were born as a singleton symbol, s/he would create a sibling or partner just to have someone to talk to. Chatty, quick, and versatile, this Moon sign is all about communication. 


Moonwalk: Cancer (07-Jul-10)
In High Signs 1: Living on the Upside of the Zodiac, I identified containment as the key Cancerian issue. Cancer Moon must find a safe container for all her feelings. This invisible bowl or goblet is the Holy Grail of our inner life, regardless of Moon sign. If you have Moon in Cancer, this container is of utmost importance. The bigger the emotions (water signs or aspects to Neptune, for example), the bigger, safer and more secure your vessel must be to hold all your feelings.

With Sun, Vesta, Mars and Uranus all in Cancer, there was something familial about Robin. He felt very adoptable, very ours. Even though he was an international celebrity, he was such a treasure to our Cancer country; even President Obama eulogized him on the day of his death for all his contributions.


Moonwalk: Leo (04-Aug-10)
Cool Leo Qualities - Adopt some of these positive Leo qualities in this month’s endeavors: Warmth, charm, charisma, childlike, fun, entertaining, generous, sincere, paternal, enthusiastic and creative. (Where do I buy a gallon of that?)

I hypothesize that discomfort with public presentations has something to do with the Sun in our charts and/or the 5th house, Leo's natural domain. Leo, ruled by the Sun, tells us performing has something to do with fire—being stoked.


This was the launch post of this blog. Maybe you’re wondering why I’m starting a blog inspired by an article I wrote so many years ago. “The Radical Virgo” is timeless, reposted numerous places on the Internet since its original publication in The Mountain Astrologer. I have gotten trickles, even streams of readers, who tell me how much the article has changed their concept of Virgo—even their lives, if Virgo is their Sun sign and/or they have an abundance of planets in Virgo. I have noted in web searches that the term “Radical Virgo” has been coined and propagated, applied to some of the world’s most Radical of Virgos, such as Amy Winehouse.

The Radical Virgo (11-May 11-09)
It's as though the Virgoan side of Virgo is an expert at rehearsal (which is why Virgos tend to love classical music with all of those predetermined notes). By contrast, the Piscean underside of Virgo is the improviser—the person who plays by ear (which is why s/he can hear Spirit). Each talent is appropriate at certain times, and complementary, but either can be useless noise if taken to extremes. In that case, there is form without feeling or feeling without form. 

Moonwalk: Virgo (03-Sep-10)
Virgos are drawn to occupations that involve the use of their hands—writing, editing, cleaning, nursing, accounting—because their hands hold their emotional intelligence.

Exploring the Sign of Virgo and the Cusp of Autumn. Many of you already know that this blog was named after an article I wrote in The Mountain Astrologer in 1992 called “The Radical Virgo.” Judging by its popularity for more than two decades, the original “Radical Virgo” is timeless. Timeless as the article is on one hand, the ideas expressed in “The Radical Virgo” about updating our image of the sign with a more modern look could still use a few more nips and tucks for its ultimate makeover. I’m ready to bring the Radical Virgo archetype into the Information and Digital Age. 

Information Synthesis and Global Service. This is a continuation of The Radical Virgo, an article I wrote in 1992 that inspired the name and creation of this blog. It’s an update and an expansion, and if you haven’t read the timeless original yet, I recommend as a prequel to this article.

The Virgin Myths (09-Sep-13)
To understand the sign of Virgo more deeply, I wanted to research the Virgo myth and ponder its connection to our modern times. The constellation of Virgo has been a cosmic stage with many mythical characters, but they all reflect the same themes of maidens, purity and fertility. "The Virgo myth should not be interpreted as a woman who is a virgin, but rather a nurturing woman who is a mother to all of the earth. " ~ Gods and Monsters

With the outbreak of so many dread diseases, Ebola being just one of them, the whole human race is becoming savvy to what Virgos have known all along. Hygiene counts! Healthy, Natural Food. Healthy food choices are no longer the realm of veg heads and/or Virgos or people with too many planets in the sixth house. People want pure, unadulterated, non-GMO, non-bug-sprayed food.


Moonwalk: Libra (04-Oct-2010
The opening image in this post is the epitome of calm and balance. But when Libra Moon is upset, s/he seems more to me like an angry Aries with a Gemini split personality.  (The duality of the two Scales surely contributes to the potential for two Libras—one Up, one Down.) While temporarily “loony,” the Libra Moon possessed by anger dips high and low in a way that can feel frightening. Think of a pair old-fashioned scales jerking up and down wildly, no balance in sight. You might even find it hard to believe that Venus rules this normally sweet Moon sign when its native is temporarily enraged.

Repeated from above under Taurus, the other Venus-ruled sign:

Beauty is like a Jupiter Transit. It’s a drive-by cute-ing. It brings great gifts but its duration feels way shorter than any of the more challenging transits from Saturn through the outer planets. When an individual has an abundance of Taurus or Libra in his or her chart, especially in the position of Ascendant, Sun, Moon, or Venus itself, s/he … is influenced by Venus.


Moonwalk: Scorpio  (03-Nov-10)
Get naked under the New Moon! Even though the Moon in this photo is Full (New Moons are almost invisible and hard to capture), the idea's the same. The Scorpio Moon is time for emotional and physical intimacy.

Scorpio for a Day  (26-Oct-09)
Halloween is the one day a year we can all be Scorpios for a day! It's even expected of us! Then I got to thinking: How would each sign of the zodiac “do Scorpio?” Naturally, some signs might be more predisposed to Scorpio’s well-known darkness, power tripping, and sex mania. (OK, to be fair, their extreme depth and natural abilities to transform themselves.) Here’s my best guess on what this masquerade party would look like. I’d call it my Halloween Scorp-Off. You’re invited. 

There was a convincing case made by the late David SoltĂ© and others about Scorpio Rulership for the USA chart. CafĂ© Neptune offers a brief comparative analysis of the most popular rising sign charts of the USA. Given that more US citizens are Scorpios than any other sign, maybe it’s another “sign” that the Scorpio Rising chart is worth a second look.


Moonwalk: Sagittarius  (03-Dec-10)
One thing Sag always has is a point, represented by the Archer’s arrow. And it’s a sharp point. Whether the point wounds or pierces consciousness, as in a wake-up call—just like the Scorpio’s stinger, Sag’s arrow needs to be used carefully and with integrity. My Sag-Moon ex-husband had a wonderful expression that goes with that arrow. “You don’t have to kill a flea with a cannon.” No need to launch an arrow if a nice tap on the shoulder will get someone to listen to what you’ve got to say.


Moonwalk: Capricorn  (31-Dec-10)
I’m one kind of Goat Moon. There are many others. I decided this was my chance to explore my herd and hope you’ll be as fascinated as I am by these often-comical looking creatures. Some other goat characteristics to contemplate for their application to Capricorn Sun and Moon: Both male and female goats have beards and horns. They are visually androgynous. All breeds have a woolly undercoat in winter for which Angoras are bred. (If you think Cap Moons aren’t warm, you just haven’t gotten to know them well enough for a hug while they’re wearing their undercoat!)  Goats are one of the oldest domesticated species. (Think of the application to long-term relationship potential.)


Moonwalk: Aquarius  (29-Jan-11)
I barely had to seek an image for this month's Aquarius Moonwalk; this one found me. The dramatic combination of moon, lightning and especially the monolith reminded me of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey

Some astrologers consider the Galactic Center the second most important point in any personal chart, next to the Sun. Focal in the chart of Hair, the GC points us beyond a planetary perspective to a galactic one. No wonder this musical carried to the cultural consciousness the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius,” a galactic event. Hair set the alarm clock, even if no one was sure just when it would go off and the dawn would arrive.


Moonwalk: Pisces (01-Mar-11)
While the picture for last month's Moonwalk: Aquarius found me, searching for the right art to illustrate Pisces Moon this month was—illusive! This photo called me, in the end, because it had so many Piscean characteristics. First, it’s a little confusing and foggy. Are we in the sky or sea? There appear to be stars and the Moon peeking through, but last I knew; fish don’t fly. Initially, the swirling school looked like silhouettes of small Plecostomus fish I might find in my home aquarium. On closer look, they might be big—and sharks. Welcome to the gauzy world of Pisces Moon where one moment’s perception gives way to another and all things merge into a liquid sensory medium where it’s hard to know which end is up—or the difference between what is benevolent or a danger.

Guest Post by Sandra Mosley. Would you like to increase your understanding of how the astrological archetypes express themselves in your life? The abundance of planetary activity currently in Pisces suggests you might find your answer by creating a set of SoulCollage®cards based on your natal chart.

A poem that captures the heart of the Fish archetype during a Pisces overload, made even more inner and contemplative by Mercury Retrograde and Void Moon.


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