Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Night Light

 A Winter Solstice Poem

© 2022 by Joyce Mason

We are light:
universal energy
flickering Godstuff
illuminating the Path to Love.

Ink sky reflects light:
the cusp of winter
the Darkest Night.

Against this backdrop
light pops: the irony of contrasts,
the Yin and Yang of Life.

“You are the Light,”
said Jesus and other wise men.
Once we grasp this, we are Magi.

All the winter celebrations
full of candles, strung with lights:
love spelled out in carols, votives, menorahs,
the Christmas Star and in the Light of Laughter.

When the circuit connects
at the socket of the heart
joined flames have the power to heal
even at the speed of light.


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Jacqueline said...

Love your poem, Joyce. Merry, Merry Solstice to you!