Monday, August 18, 2014

The Harmonic Concordance Blog: A Metaphysical Meeting Place

A Concordance of Voices in Spirit

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For over a decade, I’ve had the honor of being part of something “bigger than the sky,” my favorite hyperbole—only in this case, I’m not exaggerating. I want to introduce you to a place in cyberspace that’s dear to my heart, one that I also hope will become dear to yours.

Some of you might already be familiar with the celestial configuration we’ve come to know as the Harmonic Concordance. This event, an amazing astrological point in time, took place November 9, 2003 at 1:13 AM, GMT. The key feature of the chart is a Star of David pattern, two interlocking trines all laced by sextiles on their outside edges. The first trine involves ASC/Jupiter, No. Node/Moon and Chiron—the second, Saturn, Sun/So.Node and Mars. 

But here’s the thing, and some of you may have experienced a similar phenomenon with this year’s Cardinal Grand Cross. Unusual geometric patterns in the sky rarely lead to dramatic changes the second they wax into their highest point of exactitude. They are seed patterns that represent a tipping point and are a call to our next point of evolution.

The Harmonic Concordance was discovered and promoted by astrologer Johnny Mirehiel who very much “got” that the Concordance was bigger than a moment in time. That’s why, a decade later in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Concordance, he assembled an eclectic team of spirited peacemakers to continue its call--for us to become humans co-creating with Spirit to make the world a better place. That assembly is The Harmonic Concordance Blog.

If you’re a regular reader of The Radical Virgo, you probably know that I’m a woman of action. It’s not just finding out what a cosmic hint means—it’s what we do, change or how we evolve because of it that’s the final step of completion, the one that makes the promises in the heavens materialize. When we take action, we’re leading truly radical lives, radical referring to its literal meaning, root

We take in the change required down to the bottom of our being and send out a taproot to solidify it like a giant oak or redwood tree. Roots normally grow in clumps, and it takes several of us “rooting together” and rooting for each other to pull it off. That’s the purpose of the Harmonic Concordance Blog, of which I am proud to be a writer, reader and rooter.

As Johnny likes to say, being human spirits and part of all Creation is a mission that has both a carrot and a promise: 

The more we accept and activate our partnership with the holy and sacred Spirit that animates the All That Is, the more clearly we will see that we ourselves are the Creators of this daily 3-D experience.

And further notes from Johnny from the Concordance Blog’s opening page:

“Universally speaking, however, the first and last key is to “know thyself,” for as it has been said that, “…to know thyself is to know the Gods.”  The Harmonic Concordance Blog is a clearing house for a select and diverse group of authors who are willing to share the insights and knowledge they have gained from their quests by offering their piece of the pie in service to what may be called our “Spiritual Literacy.” 

These “Conversations with Spirit” represent that which speaks to them and for them and their essays can be found on this blog, by author or by theme.  Additionally, newly featured “Conversations” will be introduced here each Monday…”

What will you find there more specifically? The diversity alone is a thrill with 24 topic areas (with more to be added as the months roll by), such as Alchemy Today, Animal Communication, The Ascended Life, The Breath, The Chakras, Crystal Wisdom, EFT and Spirit, Medicine Ways, The Sabians Speak—and that’s, literally, not the half of it. I write a quarterly post, Spirit at the Crossings, which offers interpretations of each seasonal change at the Cardinal crossing points along with rituals and activities to celebrate these changes. The changes of season, with their clockwork regularity, teach us how to process larger changes, always at work in our constant dialogue between Earth and Sky.

Some of the other writers include Lynda Hill (Sabians), Maria Kramer, Deborah Burton, James Dempsey, Elizabeth Tobin—and many more. There are now two Voices (featured writers and their posts) per week with plenty of inspiration to get you through even the toughest transits, not to mention those Moony mood swings.

The Harmonic Concordance began as an astrological signature in the sky. It continues as a vehicle for literally being the handwriting on the wall of the Hopi prophecy:

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Visit the Harmonic Concordance Blog and join us in being the change.


Johnny Mirehiel said...

Sorry to have taken so long to get back to comment on this very lovely and generous piece, Joyce. But I did want to tell you how grateful I am for, not only this post but for all your support throughout the years.

I just want to say that I am honored and blessed to have you be a part of the new Concordance Blog and that I definitely look forward to many more years of this enduring friendship.

Joyce Mason said...

My pleasure, Johnny--and most of all, our friendship has been my gift from the Harmonic Concordance!

tarot reading online said...

Great Post Joyce. I'm new to astrology but posts like these make me want to pick up the books and start learning! Thanks for sharing.

Best psychic directory said...

I've dealt with many an astrologer in my time and I love the way you're able to explain the principles in a way almost anyone can understand. Needless to say, I'm a newbie when it comes to astrology so it's always nice to be able to read something and absorb it first time around!