Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Very Cosmic Vision

My Preview of Universal Meditations for Peace

© 2014 by Joyce Mason

I follow a Facebook page, Universal Meditations for Peace. The premise is simple. We create our world by our thoughts. The organizer, Sokhna Fatima Fall, invites as many people as possible around the world to meditate together for 10 minutes weekly. The intent is to envision and help manifest a peaceful, beautiful world that works. You can read the full concept and directions on Facebook.

The next Universal Meditation for Peace is Thursday, August 28 from 4:30-4:40 EDT. Adjust for your time zone here, if needed. “Like” the Meditation page for notices about future meditations.

I’m often told I’m a woman ahead of her time. Today, it was literal. I inadvertently misread both the date and time zone, so I meditated at 4:30 pm PDT today. My visions were so comforting, strengthening and full of hope; I want to share them with you.

I see the Earth from space in that classic vantage point from the Moon. It’s surrounded by misty, flattened and curling figure-eights, shimmers of light that remind me of the Aurora Borealis. They are pink and green in color, the colors of the heart chakra. In a layer beyond the pink and green is a pure, white pulsing aura that encircles the earth, protecting and literally en-lighten-ing it.

An amazing thing has happened. It’s tomorrow morning, and everyone on Earth has woken up to a new vibration. The world is literally different. Wars have halted, hate has melted. Everyone sees the humanity in each other and is tapped into the love in their hearts. The whole human race knows that we are One. Everyone is their brother, sister, mother, father—friend.

President Obama and the Congress actually cooperate and get things done together—more than in his whole term of office put together. Respect and a sense of family prevail. People stop arguing about health care and come to view it as a humanitarian right. They go to work to put together the best ideas for an effective delivery system.

For the whole world, the United Nations has become a vibrant organization tantamount to a mediation cooperative. The whole planet respects and follows the democratic decisions they make together via this organization. It makes the world work better and allows no squabble or lapse in consciousness to escalate into violence.

One of the wonderful features of this brighter world is a new type of community I have helped organize in California that will soon spread nationwide, perhaps worldwide. (In our new world, it’s easy to “sign up” to work on any cause that interests you and taps your personal talents.) We created Elder Villages, a kind of unique 55+ living arrangement for people with spiritual and metaphysical leanings. Rather than isolating older citizens with the most wisdom on the planet; the “elder pods” are a center of activity where people come freely to their local wise ones. They are an integral part of every community. The elders teach children about things spiritual and practical—they are group grandparents and godparents. They serve in countless capacities. One of them resembles an Officer of the Day (OD) that we used to have at my agency when I was a social worker, only it’s a Team for the Day. They are there for people in crisis who are hurting and needing help, offering a friendly ear, to do an errand or anything the TOD is able to do. Anyone  can call in for comfort and a place to hang out at the pod. So often nowadays, we want to be there for our friends, but life is busy and complex. Your local pod is a place where someone is always available to serve since so many others are still in a phase of their lives where being Johnny or Susie on the Spot isn’t as easy. The Elder Village is a favorite place for families and groups to host events with an open invitation to any residents who want to join in. Instead of missing a variety of age groups and types of people, the villagers are the center of a new kind of gathering place. Age and experience are revered—so Native American!

The new world isn’t a bit boring, as all of humanity is having a great time enjoying how many ways we can meld our creativity and to do millions of fun and practical things. Amazing how much more satisfying cooperation is than competition! Every person has an opportunity to express his or her creativity and passions. You never know when your particular juice might be just what the doctor ordered to heal your corner of the world or solve a problem no one else has been able to crack.

The new world deals with antisocial behavior in ways it has borrowed from indigenous cultures. One major borrow is from the Himba tribe of Namibia whose mothers create a special song for each child from meditating on their child’s energy prior to birth. This song is taught to others and sung throughout the child’s entire life in both triumph and pain. If the child ever does anything antisocial, as a kid or grown-up, the villagers sing his or her song until s/he comes back to his or her true vibration and behavior. The song is sung at even at death—an amazing vibrational healing tool of a lifetime.

Divisions of religion melt, too, as various religions borrow from each other to create spiritual support rituals and systems that meet the current needs of their people. A world of eclectic spirituality evolves where the teachings of the great masters go without saying.

Lastly, much like the N’avi in the movie Avatar, the whole human race “gets it” about being an ecosystem. People, animals, plants and all living things are seen as sacred and mutually supportive. Respect abounds, and global warming diminishes and the earth is green and healthy again, along with everyone and everything on it.

No wonder something in me couldn’t wait till tomorrow!


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