Tuesday, August 26, 2014

COMING ATTRACTIONS! Thrival Kits for the PUNC Planets

How to Navigate Outerplanetary Transits and Birth Chart Pressures of Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron (The PUNCs)

© 2014 by Joyce Mason

In my last post about the Harmonic Concordance Blog, I talked about the importance of the last step—the action we need to take in order to materialize the promises of the heavens. To make our lives and their astrological ups-and-downs meaningful, we have to work with shifting planetary tides. In celebration of that idea and to help make that work easier for you, I’m putting together a short “kit” with ideas for navigating transits of the outer planets, the ones that ask us for the deepest changes. The practices and core concepts in the kits (posts) can be applied not just to transits but also to natal overloads of these energies … or any time a transit of another planet is lighting up the natal outer planet.

Over the years, I’ve had a calling to work with the PUNC planets. (You can read more in the eBook, Outerplanetary [Extraordinary] People, available in the sidebar, or start with Part 1 of a series of posts on the subject to learn more.)

The Thrival Kit posts are thrival kits rather than survival kits. The reason? Surviving has a barely out of victim consciousness ring to it. Most of us don’t want to scrape through change by the skin of our teeth. If we can navigate a call for personal evolution, the outcome is to thrive or “thrival.” These concepts come from the work of Richard McKnight, Ph.D., and his workplace classic, Victim, Survivor, or Navigator: Choosing a Response to Workplace Change.

For many of us, fulfilling the promise (despite what sometimes feel like the perils) of our astrology charts make our horoscope the ongoing workplace of a lifetime. Dr. McKnight’s call to become a navigator fits the human longing to become all we can be. Thus, I’m hoping the Outerplanetary Thrival Kits offer practical tools for helping you feel like the captain of your own ship in the sometimes stormy waters of inner growth.

There will be four posts, one each for the four PUNC planets. I’ll be posting two a month starting September 2, 2014. The “kits” will have the following features across all four, though some will have planet-specific extras:

  • What this planet asks of you
  • What you may be resisting 
  •   The shift needed to thrive 
  • How to dance with this planet’s change of tune 
  •  Music and entertainment (books, plays, TV, movies) that help you release resistance and embrace the adventure 
  •  References for more reading 
  •  Share your own tips, successes in the Comments, a community learning experience

Think of the Thrival Kit posts as an outline on a clipboard when you come for orientation to a new transit with any of the PUNCs—or a tune-up when your natal encounters with these giants of change seem overwhelming. They are tips to help you navigate your learning environment and to help you do your homework more easily. These are meant to be succinct notes, covering the main points and tools that can help you navigate outerplanetary transits.

Don’t forget your space suit! While the PUNC acronym puts Pluto first and Chiron last, I’ll approach the Thrival Kit posts in their normal planetary order from the Sun: Chiron, Uranus, Neptune—and, finally, Pluto.


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