Sunday, December 8, 2013

Joyce Mason’s New Inkarnations: A New Blog for Everyone

Dear Radical Readers,

We all read, write—and create. This statement is true more than ever in our fast-spinning, electronic world. Our fingers do the talking day in and day out.

Reading, writing and creativity are what my new blog is all about. Called “New Ink” for short, Joyce Mason's New Inkarnations is an oasis, a water cooler where we can take a break and share how language and the connections it allows us contribute to our quality of life …

… not to mention the contribution to life of the God/dess stuff itself, creativity.

Whether it’s a book review, feedback on a movie, tips about the writing or artist’s life, or ideas for pumping up creativity, NewInks is my newest hangout. You’re invited!

With the flurry of the release of  The Crystal Ball, I have not had a chance to introduce you to New Ink in a more formal way. (I just footnoted it in another post.) Even though New Ink doesn’t focus on astrology, astrology is often mentioned. (I’m an astrologer. Can’t help myself!) More importantly, New Ink is a place where you can chill and enjoy a spa break in the swirling idea pool. Of course, it has my signature insights sprinkled with humor.

New Ink debuted on October 15 , 2013. There have already been some meaty posts, linked here for your pleasure:

Joyce Mason’s New Inkarnations

Coming Dec. 28: Why It Took Me till Social Security to Write My First Novel

Stop by! Sign up to receive it. Tell your friends who will like it … and thanks for being my readers—here, there or anywhere!

Every blessing,

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