Monday, July 29, 2013

Final Dream Notes--and Other Notables

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Before we wrap up Dream Month, I have a few last shares. I'm pretty sure these these won't put you to sleep!

My Latest Astro-Dream

We've talked in the various dreamwork articles about how astrology can worm its way into your night movies. I had such a great example recently; I just have to share it. On July 17, transiting Jupiter entered my 3rd House. This was my dream on waking the next morning:

Suddenly, I want to move to Italy. More than that, I want to study all the romance languages. I love them all. (In waking life, I took French, Spanish and Italian in high school and college.) I can't make up my mind which one to focus on first. French is my favorite, but since I'll be living in Italy, doesn't Italian make more sense? I want more! I want to study them all. Can I do it all?

When I finally "came to" from this one, the deluge of foreign languages was so Jupiter in the 3rd house, it really made me chuckle. Make that J'ai ri in French; Me rei in Spanish; and since I was on my way to Italy, here's LOL in Italian: Ho riso ad alta voce. By the way, Italy's "birth chart" has a triple conjunction of Sun, Uranus and North Node in Gemini. My subconscious sure knows a lot that my conscious mind doesn't. Apparently, it's got a pipeline to the Akashic Records and AstroDataBank!

The Science of Dreams

I already posted this on The Radical Virgo Facebook page. (Please visit and Like if you haven't already. It really helps grow the RV community. ) This link is worth repeating for the entire reading audience. "How Stuff Works" is one of my favorite websites. I thought you'd all enjoy, as a finale to the series, How Dreams Work. This will give you a complement of dream physiology and the science stuff.

A Book Virgos Dream Of

UK Astrologer Mary English has written a book that the Virgos reading this blog will appreciate. How to Soothe A Virgo sounds like something to buy for yourself, friends and loved ones. Available in both Kindle and paperback, How to Soothe a Virgo is part of Mary's larger "Surviving the Zodiac" series, available at Dodona Books. I'm delighted to introduce you to Mary and this book series. If you have books you think other Radical Readers will enjoy, please Comment or email me.

Sleep Health

Do you snore? Or does someone you love sound like a buzz saw sleeping? Do you or your partner suffer from insomnia? These conditions are no joke and can be related to sleep apnea, where you stop breathing on a regular basis during the night.

Sleep apnea can lead to exhaustion, spaciness, high blood pressure and other conditions. It is ultimately dangerous. I urge any reader who even remotely suspects this is true of yourself or your loved ones to seek medical advice. Both my husband and I have sleep apnea. His is much more serious than mine, but mine had me dragging through life like there was no gas left in my engine until I began CPAP therapy. With patience, anyone can find the right mask and breathing machine to make the effects of this condition disappear, and your pep and perkiness reappear.

Take it from someone who lives with it nightly in her bedroom. Yes, this is probably TMI--too much information. If I help one person from this share, any embarrassment I might have admitting it pales by comparison. And so what if Tim and I both look like Creatures from the Black Lagoon when we're all masked up? It's part of the humor in our marriage, and I hope that as I continue to lose weight (excess pounds being a major factor in the condition), it will disappear.

That's a nice dream to wrap up this month's journey to the Land of Zzz's.

Dream big, and dream often!


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Happy Grand Sextile/Star of David!
 Today, July 29, 2013, a rare aspect configuration comes together in the heavens. There are several links for exploring it in my Summer Sky post. I encourage you to hop onto your search engine today and to enter either of these terms. Take a sampling of what  various astrologers have to say about these two interlocking Grand Trines, one in Earth--the other in water. One friend of mine pointed out that these are feminine elements. This may well be a sign of the tipping point toward more feminine ways of viewing and dealing with things on Earth, something long predicted by those who read symbols. Certainly, there will be wells of emotion--perhaps the counterbalance of cleansing that will make the difficult changes aroused by Uranus square Pluto easier on our nervous systems. I'd love to hear your experiences over the next few days as this aspect pattern is in play.

The geometry of it alone is beautiful ... and not to forget, the Star of Bethlehem at the birth of Jesus has often been depicted as a six-pointed star. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there weren't some element of Second Coming that we'll soon discover. Many spiritual teachers feel the Second Coming is the birth of our inner consciousness. "Christ" means anointed one, and following  the Christian symbols, this inner rebirth would make us dedicated to spiritual service.

Seems like the perfect conversation for repeating my favorite words of the Hopi prophecy related to the current times unfolding: "We are the one's we've been waiting for."


Mads Elung-Jensen said...

thanks for sharing your dreams, joyce. i had a rather special dream 3 weeks ago, where i had a whole bunch of yellow tulips in my arms. i decided to give them to my aunt whom i love and who has gone through serious hardship in her life. i came to her house where she was sleeping in a room full of yellow cupboards. when i entered she woke up with a start wearing totally wild mascara. then she calmed down, and said, well its good that somebody finally does something. and i said to myself, but im just passing the flowers on. then there was a voice over sayigng, 'once you have freed yourself from an addiction, you decide yourself if you want to go back into it again'. recently i have been gifted with voice overs in my dreams, saves a lot fees to therapists:))

Joyce Mason said...

What a great dream, Mads, including the commentary! I love all the yellow, which is very symbolic to me, and especially your aunt's wild mascara.

You must have worked with your dreams a long time to get your own "announcer." How cool! Thanks for sharing!

Mads Elung-Jensen said...

Yes, with my 12 th house Pluto/Uranus conjunction, sometimes my dreams are so much more exciting than my waking state.

This dream sort of referred to a dream I had 2 years ago, where I was in a closed room filled with poisonous ducks (yes!). I had to shoot them all, but the trouble was, that somewhere in that room mother poison duck had hidden herself, and if I didn't get to her, she'd keep producing new ducks. Like, if you don't get to the root of an addiction it keeps springing to something else. I did succeed in killing mother duck in the end, a bell tolled and the voice proclaimed 'This has only Elung-Jensen done!!' I do have some Leo in my chart :)