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August: Oracles Month on The Radical Virgo

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As I continue to move all astrology and astrology-plus articles from to The Radical Virgo, I’m posting by related themes. We did Dreams in July. In August, we’ll be doing Oracles including Tarot and other symbol systems, most of which are based on the “luck of the draw.” (Of course, there’s little luck or chance involved and mostly a lot of magical, magnetic energy that sends the right images, words or experiences to us.) Here’s a little preview of what’s to come.

Q: What do tarot cards, fortune cookies, astrology, dreams and meaningful coincidences all have in common?

A: They all can be used as oracles.

Oracle has many meanings from hokey to holy. I am most interested in #5 in the definitions, namely a divine communication or revelation.

Oracles are symbol systems that bridge your intuition and the creative, manifesting forces of the universe. Oracles strictly follow the orientation of the seeker.

When you open yourself up to divine inspiration, the Holy Spirit, your Higher Self--however you see good guidance according to your personal beliefs--those are the forces that will shine through when using these symbols. If you are fearful, or if you want your “fortune told,” where you have no power or spiritual backbone to co-create your own dreams in divine partnership, don’t be surprised to find negative energy in a tarot reading or other symbol system consultation.

During August, we’ll talk about different kinds of oracles, how to use them and how to make the most of them. Life itself offers us oracles, things we hear repeated or that reappear to bring us guidance.

For example, you hear an old friend’s name come up three times over a couple of days, then you bump into her. This is a “preview” oracle. Or, if someone you haven’t seen in a long time is on your mind or in your dream persistently, it may be a nudge to break the silence and make contact. That’s a “guidance” oracle. In either case, the synchronicity of repetition is a signal that Spirit is trying to get your attention.

I hope you’ll enjoy this month of delving into oracles other than astrology. They often enhance  our understanding of astrology and give us an additional perspective that we might not see in our horoscopes. Over the years, I have worked with these various symbolic tools in a complementary way, a holistic merger that has been personally very satisfying.

I love “playing the symbols.” I hope you will, too.


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