Friday, June 28, 2013

July: Dream Month on The Radical Virgo

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My website, Writer-Astrologer Joyce Mason, is undergoing renovations. Like summer roadwork in most places in the US, I’m moving some ramps and shoring up the infrastructure. The irresistible force is the need to make room for my novels and other writings not related to astrology. I’ve gotten crystal clear guidance that my novel, The Crystal Ball, is just the beginning of a bigger move in that direction. (If everything goes according to schedule, The Crystal Ball will be available this fall.)

The movable objects in the Reconstruction Zone are all my writings on my website related to astrology and other symbol systems such as tarot, dreamwork and flower essences. A number of articles on these topics have already been offered on The Radical Virgo. I’ll be migrating any remaining articles on these subjects, previously on, to The Radical Virgo.

In that spirit, July will be Dream Month here on the RV. Note that this blog has the same initials as recreational vehicles, and I certainly hope you’re still having fun—and that next month’s dreamwork festival will be both informative and amusing. I share some fairly bizarre dream examples. That ought to be good for a few laughs, even in your sleep. Have you ever woken up laughing from a dream? I did once. Very memorable and a nice way to start the day. Got my husband laughing, too.

Midsummer is the perfect time for dreaming. We get out in nature, camp out, and lie on our backs looking at the starry sky. We get into the mountains and fresh air that gives us terrific sleep and higher quality, more insightful dreams. In the US, it’s our country’s birthday on the 4th of July. We celebrate the American Dream.

All in all, it seems like the right time for dreamwork, especially with almost all the outer planets retrograde, soon to be joined by Uranus to make it unanimous. Dreams lure us into some of the deepest inner work, the introspection so many retrograde planets ask of us.

I hope you enjoy both the waking and sleeping kind of dreams on our next Radical journey together.

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