Saturday, June 1, 2013

And the Winner of the Planetary Fishing Comment Contest is …

Maureen Frank! Maureen commented on the original Planetary Fishing Expedition announcement on May 1. In fact, she was the very first person to comment on the first day on the first post. This proves that the early bird catches the worm, even before it could go onto the imaginary fish hook as bait on our metaphorical fishing trip. The names of everyone who commented on the May posts were placed in a jar, shaken up, and Maureen’s name was the one drawn.

If you love mandalas, you’ll want to learn more about Maureen, also known as The Mandala Lady, on her website linked here. We owe thanks to Maureen for also being the reader whose eagle eye noticed that I’d forgotten to post the trip to Mars. As you can see, all-round, she has been an integral part of our Fishing Trips. How ironic that Maureen found the missing Mars and was the first to comment since she has a Scorpio Sun. Ever wonder if a more modern ruler of a sign (in this case, Pluto) completely overshadows the traditional ruler (Mars), once the new ruling planet is discovered? I think we just found out the answer. No!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this experiential self-learning adventure on The Radical Virgo. Maureen has won a free copy of my e-book, Astrology 101: Chart Interpretation Primer.

Speaking of e-books, I’ll be taking a bit of a blog break over the next couple of weeks as I finalize Keywords to Unlock Chiron: 50 Passageways to Healing and Wholeness.  (It’s so close; I can hear its heartbeat.) If I've got time, I'll post a few teasers. Look for Keywords to become available in PDF later this month, barring any unforeseen new healing adventures in my household. We've had more than our share lately, but we're making lemons out of lemonade--one of my favorite Chiron-related key phrases.

Meanwhile, I hope the Fishing Trips have given you plenty of material to investigate deeper, if the spirit moves. We’re almost to the cusp of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, the time for water sports, including fishing, and sunshine. Summer is a great time to take this planetary fishing series metaphor even further and to bring your insights into the bright light of the summer sun. In-between play, of course!

Blessings All,

Photo Credits: Fisherman © igor kisselev -
Keywords Cover Design Karen Phillips; Cover Art - Key © annlim


Maureen said...

Thank you, Joyce! on all counts. best fishing contest ever AND without harming any worms :-)

Joyce Mason said...

You're very welcome, Maureen, and I'm with you totally on the worms!