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Another Excerpt from "Keywords to Unlock Chiron:" Spirit in Matter

Excerpt © 2013 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

From Chapter 8: Spirit in Matter

Source: Myth, astronomy

We are all shooting stars, spirits hurled from the heavens toward a dense and alien planet of materiality.[1] We get caught in the Earth’s orbit for a period called a lifetime. We come from All That Is to become Someone in Particular, carrying our distinct imprint of cosmic energy, reflected in our astrological birth charts. The shock of this sudden transition must be murder on our nervous systems. Birth is traumatic not just from a physical perspective; it shakes us down to the bedrock of our being as we go from lightweight, pure spirit to human form, dense in material substance.

Like shooting stars, comets are also pulled into our solar system. Astronomical Chiron’s make-up as half comet is one of the great metaphors that reflects the mystery and challenge of being human. So does mythical Chiron’s half-and-half nature. His upper half is closest to the heavens and reminds of us of our spiritual roots accessed by the mind and heart. His lower horse half is close to the earth and all things instinctual. Instincts are just as important to develop and cherish. Like Chiron, whether we’re speaking of the planetary object or the star of the ancient myth: we, too, are composite beings.

I often hear this metaphysical truth: we are spiritual beings having a human experience. If we go on our Chironic quest for wholeness, this truth becomes more and more apparent with every initiation in life’s trials and triumphs.

We live in a world of duality: black and white, male and female, them and us, right and wrong. The end is near! We have outgrown this worldview. Chiron is once more emblematic of our species transmutation where we no longer see ourselves as separate but rather as part of One Spirit, back to where we began. As we accept ourselves—all parts of us—we disown nothing and wholeness becomes possible. Actually, inevitable.


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 [1] One of the reasons I resonated to the illustration for this keyword: The shooting star resembles a human sperm.

Photo Credit: Meteor Over Earth © sdecoret -

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