Friday, April 5, 2013

Sunset Prayer

Poem © 2013 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Fading Sun,
 bathe my tired body
in orange-gold pools
of overused Mars

Release my drooping head
from Mercury still heavy
on my mind
help me help him
go from quick- to slowsilver

Let Venus
tickle my skin
spots of sweet memories
of love's everyday moments
highlights of my day

Send Jupiter on a long a hike
from big gestures
to draw me
into my inner journey

Send Saturn away till tomorrow
and Uranus
enemies of sleep

If Pluto comes calling
tell him to meet Neptune
in my dreams
to leave me alone
in these holy hours of daily wind-down

Bless me with
TV films and night movies
God and Goddess
of a day well spent
while I wade into your waters
melt with another day
into the ocean of forever.


Photo Credit: © SUNSET GIRL by Mitya73

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