Friday, April 19, 2013

Blessing for an Astrology Meeting

Poem © 2013 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

May our Mercuries join
in communion of knowledge.

May we see Venus, the beauty in others
but have Mars handy when it’s time for action.

May Jupiter rise
to make our time together fun
and to keep us ever-thirsty to learn.

May Saturn give us enough organization 
 to keep us on track
without stifling our creativity.

May Chiron bring us healing and wholeness
if we stumble onto the broken parts of ourselves
and in the pain discover a catalyst for fulfillment.

Uranus, patron saint!
May you keep us excited, engaged, a-buzz
and alive.

Neptune, source of inspiration,
compassion and unity:

Help us share our visions and emotions
 to listen with sensitivity
to join our creativity
to see ourselves in each other.

  Pluto, Lord God of the Underworld:
help us remember that Darth Vader
was once a Jedi Knight
as we all are inside.

May we be one Sun in our time together
shining enlightenment
experiencing the alchemy and paradox
that only by being our unique selves
do we create community.


Photo Credit: © Orlando Rodriguez-cuevas |

It's Astro-Poetry month on The Radical Virgo!Watch for poems that preview Earth to Sky: Astrology Based Blessings, Prayers, Poems and Meditations throughout April 2013. For more poetry, visit Stitched Verse.


Sandra Mosley said...

Absolutely wonderful, Joyce. Thank you. Requesting permission to read it at the "For Purpose" conference I'm attending in October, with appropriate credit, of course.

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Sandra! Glad you like this, and you're welcome to read it at the conference with author credit.

You've been on my mind a lot lately, so I'm not surprised to hear from you! My intuition often works like that. Think of someone a lot and she suddenly appears. :) I've also been thinking of Hawaii a lot. It is calling me, and I hope to be back as soon as the stars align.

Always wonderful to hear from you!

Joyce Mason said...

Update Alert! A dear friend with a stellium in Pisces wrote me to ask "where's Neptune?" I think he was underwater or in the mist on the original post. At any rate, he was inadvertently omitted. He's back as of 20-Apr-13 @ 9:45 PDT. Thanks, Linda!