Saturday, November 26, 2011

Is Mercury Retro A Mean Santa?


Tips to Make It a Merry Mercury Retrograde

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It feels unfair for Mercury to have gone retrograde just as most of us are gearing up, preparing for the busy winter holiday season. The longer your list of shopping, parties, and family get-togethers, the harder it is to take the downtime Mercury insists upon when he appears to move backwards in the sky. Yet insist he does, so here are some Radical tools, ideas and reminders to help minimize any glitches to your Tinsel Time.

Stay on Point

Since this Mercury Retro is in Sagittarius, focus on Mercury/Sag ideas. What’s your philosophy about the holiday season? Consider your relationship to generosity of your time, energy and financial resources. Are you doing too much or too little? What is your relationship to “stuff?” How can you create a season of love that reflects your true values about peace on earth and all the things we celebrate across cultures and spiritual paths this time of year? How are you doing with your own spirituality?

Set Aside a Dollop of Downtime Daily

If you can’t devote hours to the rethinking, reconsidering, and retooling your life in the middle of the Holidaze, think smaller and more effective. Give yourself 15 minutes of quiet time for contemplation, meditation, reading—or collapse!

Review Past Materials on Mercury Retro

Here are some posts that might make practical reads during your quiet time. The blessing is a great way to kick off those short daily meditations:

Remember, honor Mercury—and he will return the favor with less glitch and more insights.


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