Friday, August 20, 2010

A Blessing for Mercury Retrograde

Bless my mind
my short trips
communications devices
and all the words I exchange
in whatever form.

Bless me with the gift
of hesitation
the willingness
to shift my pace
to honor the slow dance
backward spin
the Great DJ in the Sky.

Bless me with patience
to reconsider
and renew

to discover
a slower rate
where less glitch happens
dancing to the beat
of the cosmic drum.

Let no words
Pass my lips about
the Curse of Mercury Retrograde

Let me open its gifts
and gossip about them.

© 2010 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved


Photo Credit: It’s My Life © Kydriashka

Suggested Use: Say at least once daily during Mercury Retrograde, preferably first thing in the morning.

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A Blessing for Mercury Retrograde is from my book in progress of astrological blessings, prayers, and meditations.


Linnea said...

This is great! Thanks for a different perspective.

Joyce Mason said...

You're welcome, Linnea. So glad you like it. I believe most of our problems with Mercury Rx happen because we won't align ourselves with the slower, reflective energy of the cycle. That leads to disaster, which literally means "against the stars."

Have a good Retro! :)