Saturday, October 1, 2011

Radical Departure: The Book Blurb

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In case you’re wondering what on Earth is going on here, see No Small Change on The Radical Virgo. During October and November, I’ll be doing short posts to take you along for the wild ride of rewriting and getting my humorous, metaphysical mystery book ready for submission to the St. Martin’s Press annual First Mystery Novel Contest.

Peeling out,

Greetings, as I skid to a stop in front of my new home for the next two months. The address is OMG! How Am I Going to Get This Done by November 30th?

The artwork in this post is a cover concept for my book. Of course, if it’s published by anyone but me, I’m unlikely to have the final say about the cover art. If money were no object, it would have an intricate drawing of some of the more wacky costumes at The Crystal Ball. That’s the costume party where much of the action in my book takes place.

The Crystal Ball

They’ve loved each other since they were teenagers.  He’s a chain-smoking, recently retired FBI agent—a crusty guy who has seen it all.  She’s an astrologer and president of a society dedicated to increasing longevity—as New Age as he is Old School.  A New Year’s Eve costume party brings them together in a way neither of them would have ever imagined in a race against time to prevent a crime.

They’re the new Nick and Nora Charles! –Carolina Montague, Author

My first job this weekend is to reread the original version of the book I wrote in 1990. Yes, I said 1990—no typo! Originally entitled Life's Companions, I wrote it for a contest Ted Turner sponsored. Obviously, I did not win or would already be a famous novelist. :) The contest had some sort of “ideas that will change the world” concept. I set it aside for a decade-and-a-half before picking it up again in 2005. That’s when I took a mystery writing class and saw ways I could redirect it that would work better and be much more exciting.

Timing is everything (said the Capricorn Moon). I figure if there’s anything to Saturn cycles, at 21 years old, this book is three-quarters of the way to its Saturn Return. It’s certainly time for it to grow up and leave home in the form of an emancipated book, not some manuscript still stuck in my computer and several notebooks full of research and old versions.

At least I proved to myself that I can finish a book. Now, to refinish it!

Till next week!


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Lana said...

Heartiest wishes for the successful writing and publishing of your novel.
Don't be like me! I have been writing one ever since University days, when it was "Two Terms to Finals", then in the 1980s I was co-writing "This is the Dawning" which was very astrological. My current one, about 500 pages long, is called "The Quiet Office" and includes an Astrologer who has a blog. Can't think who I have based it on!
I admire your application and will, go for it!

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Lana! Let's keep encouraging each other on the fiction path. I think people need "escape literature" more than ever these days, but it's even better if we can lace it with some spiritual truths. I'd love to see some of your books!