Monday, October 17, 2011

Chiron and Wholeness Primer: ReKindled, Finds Its Nook

Chiron primer is now available for Kindle, Nook and epub formats!

Dear Radical Readers,

Since you’re radical and leading-edge, I’m hoping that many of you use eReaders like Kindle and Nook. Join me in the excitement of reaching a new publishing milestone. My most popular e-book, Chiron and Wholeness: A Primer, is now available in a format for these devices.

There are two ways to purchase a copy in the eReader versions:

  1. Click the PayPal link in the sidebar of this blog. A copy will be sent to you automatically in the format of your choice. The button for Kindle is in Kindle’s required .mobi format. For most other devices, use the Nook, Etc. button in .epub format. Download from your computer into your device, using your USB cord.

  2. Purchase instantly from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The advantage of #1: You’ll support the work of The Radical Virgo by purchasing directly and avoiding the go-between.

The advantage of #2: It’s hard to argue with one-button purchasing and not having to dig out your device cord to transfer the file into your Kindle or Nook from your computer.

While you’re on Amazon or B&N, check out the other astrology titles. While not that many are in eReader format just yet, some good ones are. Many up-and-coming authors, as well as progressive professional authors, are releasing in this format first.

Healing and wholeness,

PS – For those of you who have read and appreciated Chiron and Wholeness (the text is the same whether PDF or eReader version), I’d be very grateful for a Like or positive review on either Amazon or B&N. A Like takes seconds; a review, only a few minutes. Here’s how:

Amazon: Go to this linked page for Chiron and Wholeness (Kindle). Mid-page, under the title and author name, click on Like or to the left of Like, Review.

B&N:  Go to this linked page for Chiron and Wholeness (Nook, etc.).
At the bottom of page, Customer Reviews, click the WRITE A REVIEW button.

Thank you for helping spread information about Chiron to a larger audience! If you’re a regular reader, you know by now how important I believe the Chiron archetype is to personal evolution. Your support helps enable me to continue this work.

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