Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Treat Break!

Costumes I've Had the Nerve to Wear

© 2011 by Joyce Mason

Busy as I am on my book, I needed some comic relief today. My friend, Cindy Sample (you met her on my last Book Signings and other Inspirations post) sent me to another mystery writer’s blog, Buried Under Books. Author Liz Jasper is asking readers to describe costumes they have made for Halloween. I couldn’t resist describing my two favorites, a Christmas tree (talk about holiday mixed metaphors) and The Purple People Eater. (See Comment #25 on Liz’s Buried blog.) You can see my two favorite get-ups on this post. (Please overlook those purple thunder thighs. Was I ever slim? Maybe when I was 10.)

I thought this would be a great time to share previous Halloween posts on The Radical Virgo, which are as timeless as Trick-or-Treat:

Scorpio for A Day. What is Halloween if not a Scorp fest? In this frolic, I describe my ideas for how the signs would “do Scorpio.”

Happy Haunting from the Radical Virgo: Background on Halloween and other nearby holidays, including Day of the Dead and All Saint’s Day, the latter which also happens to be the anniversary of Chiron’s Discovery. Includes a look at Chiron’s Discovery chart. As a liberal Catholic church in my neck of the woods calls it, November 1 is a Holy Day of Opportunity.

Lastly, since we’re having a comment contest on The Radical Virgo this month  with a mystery anthology prize in honor of my retreat to fiction (does retreat mean I get candy twice?), I pose this question to you, dear readers, for comment.

What patterns in an astrology chart indicate a penchant or passion for costumes?

Writing fiction has lots of tricks and treats. One of the tricks is personal pacing to the finish line. I’m finding it as energetically exhausting to do a book-length manuscript as hard labor. Never underestimate the impact of mental gymnastics!

One of the treats is learning how many scenes in my life are finding their way into the book, fictionalized, like pearls awaiting rediscovery—especially the funny ones. I can’t believe how snips of conversations and experiences are there in my mental kaleidoscope. Twist a little, and they fall a different way—right into The Crystal Ball. Since my novel takes place at a futuristic costume party, share any far-out ones you've worn and let me know if you're willing to see a character show up to the Crystal Ball in it.

As they used to say on NYPD Blue, I’ll say for Halloween, “Be careful out there!”

Most of all, have fun.


Photo credit: © Olga Lyubkin -

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Cindy Sample said...

Hi Joyce. I may have to steal that purple people eater costume if I can find extra long leggings. My protagonist is far more creative with her costume although wearing a flower that spurts water isn't the wisest move when you're waiting for that first kiss!

I've worn a Cher costume for Halloween and also gone as Donna Reed. I'm a woman of many moods. Great post!

Joyce Mason said...

I think the Purple People Eater may have to appear at the Crystal Ball, but since a person visits a lot of places on Halloween while trick-or-treating, feel free to dress like her! I think it was the most fun of all my costumes.

I love yours, especially Donna Read. Did you carry around an old Betty Crocker cookbook? And a wooden spatula? LOL!

Since I can't preview much from the book because of the contest rules, I'll at least give you a hint about how Micki Michaels attends her big costume event at the Crystal Ball. She's a walking science experiment of sorts.

I can't wait till the lab will be open to the public!

Thanks for the visit and costume shares.

Liz Jasper said...

Oh Joyce! I you posted pictures of those two costumes after telling me about them. You could be zero more awesome! LOVE THOSE COSTUMES!

--Liz, who is in the halloween costume zen happy place and humming Purple People Eater

Joyce Mason said...

Liz, I'm so glad we met today trick-or-treating on each other's blogs! I'm delighted to get to know you and to introduce you to my readers on The Radical Virgo!

Thanks for the inspiration to post these crazy pix. So glad you enjoyed them! That's me on the left of my logo, dressed up as a Virgo for a zodiac-theme costume party I had in 1969.

I'll be back to visit your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce - I can't tell you how excited I was to see your Christmas tree costume! I have told many friends about this quirky (yet charming) gal I worked with soooooo many years ago. I looked forward to your holiday cards each year, and this one in particular was my favorite! I always wished that I had kept all your cards and notes, as you are so creative. So glad you shared it with everyone. Actually, it looks like you are wearing it at the office - right? Those were the days, so many years ago. 1970's??? Thanks for sharing. LuAnne Tuttle

Joyce Mason said...

LuAnne, what a thrill to hear from you and with such nice compliments about my creativity. I'll keep "quirky yet charming!" Wait till you read my book, The Crystal Ball. It takes place at a futuristic costume party, and I got the opportunity to go nuts with costumes without having to actually produce them. :) (Many costumes are a lot easier said than done.) I'm delighted to know that those cards I handmade were appreciated by the recipients. I've actually stumbled on an inspiration/way to have costumes in all the Micki Michaels Mysteries. It tickles me to know that this is one of the things you most remember about me.

Keep in touch for all the fun as I finish this book and get it published, hopefully in 2012!