Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Radical Readings Return!

Joyce Mason Reopens
“Inner Growth Work”

Dear Radical Readers,

It’s time for Writer Joyce Mason, aka: The Radical Virgo, to become a reader again. I’m putting my shingle back above my virtual door and the Open sign in my “Windows.” As noted in the sidebar, I’ve been taking appointments for a few astrological readings per month, as my writing schedule allows. This post is to say the experiment in re-entry has worked. I’m back—and it’s official!

One of my current life lessons is Things Don’t Have to Be All or Nothing. I missed the deeper one-on-one connections I had with individuals through consulting. I put a toe back into the Aquarian waters over the past six months, and the water is more than fine. I’m enjoying this work at a new and exciting level!

Since I write an astrology blog, it’s good to have the pulse on how the current sky is working for the real people living under it—in practice, not just in theory.
At first, I was going to limit my reopened practice to astrology readings. Inner guidance nudged otherwise. My astrology-plus practice worked well in the past. It wasn’t broken, and I don’t want to fix it! (What was a bit broken was yours truly—from overwork. A seven-year sabbatical from readings and retirement from my day job has glued me back together.) In addition to astrology, I’ll continue to offer tarot, dreamwork, and flower essences. My hint to keep Inner Growth Work intact, with its eclectic toolbox, came from the fact that I suddenly found myself writing posts about astrology and dreamwork, astrology and tarot, etc.

I’ve been experimenting with a new way of doing readings by e-mail. The test runs on this method have worked beyond my expectations! Clients report they are quite happy with a 3-4 page personalized report, attached as a PDF document. Phone readings can be arranged, if preferred.

The description of these new services and fees are available on my Personal Consultations page on my website. Since there are several different services available, it’s easiest to e-mail me and discuss what you’d like to do—then I can send you a payment request via PayPal for whatever service(s) we agree on. You may also pre-pay by check or money order. My brochure, service menu and pricing structure are all available on the link in this paragraph.

If you have any questions after reading the Consultations page—or in general about what I do and how I do it, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you. ~Dane Rudhyar

As a Radical Return Special, readers who schedule and pre-pay for personal consultations by June 30 will receive free copies of both my e-books as a grand reopening gift—Chiron and Wholeness—a Primer and Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs. If you already own one or both of the books, we can discuss an alternative token of my thanks, one on one.

I look forward to working with many of you in the future. Thank you for your support, as always!

Blessings All,


Client Feedback

The following are comments by clients about their consultation experiences, published with their permission:

Thanks, Joyce, for a comfortable, enlightening experience. I felt a deeper sense of context in life brought forward by your guidance, wisdom and heart. –RP, Bay Area, CA

I love your style of readings...they are easy to understand and you are so down to earth. You are a natural at it and your personality and humor only add to the experience.” – TF, Placerville, CA

Your reading was remarkable and life altering. I've had readings before, but never like this one. I got a thorough understanding of the various planets and houses and what they meant for me. You also gave a number of practical and helpful suggestions regarding career and other aspects of my life. Your personal warmth and welcoming manner made our session even more special. I heartily recommend you. ~ MW, San Francisco Bay Area

Thanks again, Joyce. Our reading today was not only affirming, but amazingly insightful in very practical ways. At times, I felt as if you’d opened a secret door and were respectfully peering inside my psyche, asking just the right questions, which in turn helped me to discover the answers. Anyone who is at all fearful of the process can rest assured they’re in capable and loving hands with you as their guide. – LB, San Francisco, CA

Photo Credit: Open - Neon sign  © Steve Estvanik Dreamstime.com

Congrats to Lana, winner of the Name the New Species Contest on my Evolution post of March 30. Her clever entry was Homo Astrolopithecus. (Those who claim to come from a long line of astrologers now know where it all started!) Lana won a copy of my new e-book, Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs. If you haven’t yet visited her fantastic blog linked to her name—or if you haven’t visited lately--give yourself a treat!


Lana said...

Dear Joyce
As a fan of Chiron and poems, I am thrilled to win your beautiful ebook! With Mars conjunct Saturn in the 5th house of speculation, I don’t recall ever winning anything. In primary school I came third in the egg and spoon race, only because I kept my egg on my spoon. In secondary school I came second in the school’s competition for a Christmas card design. But now, at 60, I win my first prize! I am sure it will help me in my work immeasurably, and will trigger insights and possibly even poetry.
The Universe has ensured that my first ever win is a meaningful and memorable one.
Good luck in your renewed readings, and thanks a million!

Joyce Mason said...

Lana, the day I discovered your blog, I new we were on the same beam. No surprise our shared passion for Chiron and poetry. I'm delighted that "Poems to Heal the Healer" is your first win. I feel honored to play Lady Luck!

Thanks for the returned wish of luck in my latest "boomerang." Most everything I do has an Act 2--sometimes 3!

Love to you ... and Happy Summer Solstice early,

Elizabeth C Wescott said...

So glad you're back. I've missed having the option of readings from you!!!


Susannah said...

I am very pleased to hear your good news Joyce!

Love to you x

Joyce Mason said...

Elizabeth and Susannah:

It's really exciting to be back!

Love and thanks for your support,