Monday, June 28, 2010

A New Zodiac: The Osani Circle Game

© 2010 by Joyce Mason

Look at this image! The most obvious reason I fell in love with it never occurred to me till a year later. These children form a human zodiac circle. They are the literal circle of life the zodiac represents.

More importantly, you’ll want to know the story behind this show-stopping image. The Osani Circle Game begins with Pygmy kids sitting in a circle, feet touching, all connected. Each child in turn names a round object: the sun (oi), the moon (tib), an eye (ue)—and then goes on to name a figurative expression of “round”—the circle of the family, togetherness or the cycle of the moon. As players fail to come up with a term that is “circular” they drop out. Eventually, only one remains. Tradition has it that this player will live a long and prosperous life. Osani is the Pygmy word for love.

This image is a visual offering for a most positive expression of the current Jupiter/Uranus conjunction—a game of friendship that teaches the blessings of community. According to the Circle Game, one lucky kid out of the entire human zodiac in this photo lives long and prospers, to quote another kind of Star Trek. (We’re lucky in real life that Jupiter touches more than one of us at a time.) I thought the Radical Readers would enjoy this, along with the interview of Susan Fassberg, who licensed this image to share with the world. Read about Susan on my other blog, Hot Flashbacks/Cool Insights, in ConnectingDotz: Seeing and Feeling Our Interconnectedness.

If you “see stars” in other images along the path of life, contact me and let’s share them with the Radical Virgo community.

I can’t resist these parting words. And here we thought that human problems get solved by putting our heads together …


Photo Credit: © 2004 J-P.Hallet, licensed to S. Fassberg. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission. Visit ConnectingDotz cards and prints; all Osani purchases help support The Pygmy Fund.


Sandra Mosley said...

Aloha Joyce, I loved your parting thought. It made me think immediately of Pisces and all it represents, especially it's connection to the collective unconscious and it's rulership of the feet, which are our "understanding".

Joyce Mason said...

Sandra, thank you for this wonderful insight! Especially with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces now, it brings to mind the expression about how we have to "walk a mile in someone's shoes" to understand them. What a good thing to remember during a time of such huge global changes.