Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rebirth the Earth

A Prayer for the Cardinal Grand Cross, Lunar Eclipse and Related Skyworks

Drawn and quartered on the Four Cardinal Points

I offer myself up to the earth and cosmos.

There is no more vulnerable position:

limbs spread

open wide

fully exposed

receptive to the seeds of creation

the soft sounds

the heartbeat

of inspiration

Naked virgin


I did not argue

with the Spirit

or stop to ask my head

to clear it

The messenger said,

“Will you be a Goddess?”

“Who me?” I thought

my usual modest

By dim moonlight

we communed:

Mother of Everything Fulfilled

your resounding yes

vibrates the cosmos


You taught us to bear

whatever we need

to let go, let God

let doubt recede

to accept gifts and omens

star-stalking astrologers see

to bear the present

of uncertainty

Mother of Vision

Mentor Sky

Midwife of New Earth robust

Bless me with your radical trust.

© 2010 by Joyce Mason


Photo Credit: © Julie LEGRAND -

About This Poem – This week, I had the insight that it was time to stop speculating about the Big Change Transits and simply to feel the energy of this powerful sky meeting, to switch from left to right brain. This poem came to me as part of that process, and I invite readers to consider a similar respite from focusing on head and what-ifs. Let’s gather under the same sky and feel what God/Goddess is asking us to create—to bear—as in to be born. Let’s share what we hear in the Comments. Since we’re made in the image of the Creator “both male and female,” a new world is being born through each of us individually and, together, through all of us.

I have a special resonance with the Blessed Mother, the Christian Goddess. There are many faces of Goddess, one for every spiritual path and culture. One day, I realized that I had been exposed to one since the beginning. When I was 38 and found my birth families, I learned I was originally named after her. I resonate most to updated images of Mary in modern art. Those images began to break down the barriers in my mind that she was from a time too different and “too holy” for me to find parallels between our lives.

In fact, her unabashed trust in Spirit turns out to be the thing we share in common—well, at least most of the time! Mary is the original Radical Virgo, and the Time to Trust has come again, that thing she modeled so well.

Need help with Radical Trust? One of my favorite flower essences that is can be very helpful under the current sky weather is Barnacle by Pacific Essences. It is specifically for “radical trust.”

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