Friday, March 16, 2018

I Take This Day: A Mercury Retrograde Poem

A Poem for Mercury Retrograde

© 2015 by Joyce Mason

I take this day:
to rest, relax, review, research
to revive myself
for more active living.

I take this day:
to honor the god Hermes
who energizes
my quicksilver mind,
who wings my messages
across the world.

I take this day:
to let my biological hard drive crash
or at least idle;
to open myself up
to the gift of silence
and the gear “park.”

I take this day:
a day at a time
every Mercury Retrograde
till I can believe nature
and the cosmos in symphony
about the real rhythm of life.

I take this day:
and with each day I take,
I grow more tolerant
of days and weeks
of downtime,
till I put every day
of Mercury Retrograde
on my calendar
and plan ahead
for three-and-a-half weeks
of what the Divine
knows best:

Every creation needs days
of rest.


Photo Credit: © Rolffimages | - Hermes Photo

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