Monday, June 26, 2017

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Like many people of a certain age, I sometimes forget words or names—or what I did yesterday.

When I couldn’t retrieve the name of two vegetables just days apart, I started wondering if I was becoming one. As far as I know, no one in my family on either side has had dementia. But really, who could forget the name of butternut squash and zucchini?

This really started to worry me. Of course, being a Virgo, I worry about my health a lot more than anything is ever actually wrong with me. In fact, I’ve had such good health reports lately; I wondered if the lab mixed up my results with someone else’s.

Since the nameless veggies really bugged me, I started to realize that my mental misses had a pattern. I forgot the names of two different squashes. Was I trying to squash something in my life?

While it might seem like a stretch to many people, the universe holds limitless metaphors for me and has a really wild sense of humor. I have just learned to listen--to consider in any situation that there might be a message.

This one was a two-parter. Soon I was forgetting names left and right, the names of movie stars and mere mortals. People I’ve known for years. I’d start to refer to them in a conversation and—presto!—whatever I was supposed to call them vanished. This kind of magic I want no part of.

OK, Universe. So I got to thinking that this pattern might have a message, too. Everyone forgets a name now and then, but this was happening with much greater frequency than usual for a couple of days.

What is a name, I asked myself? It’s a tagline of who we are. It’s our energy. It’s how people identify us. Hmm. Identity. Was I squashing mine? Squashing myself?

That was it exactly. I am a writer. I have written about how it’s the air I breathe and who I am. It was no longer bearable to let other responsibilities keep me from writing, even if I only had time to write a little.

That’s another reason PsychKicks was born. Once I unsquashed myself, the words just wouldn’t let up. You can always tell if you got the cosmic punchline by how you feel afterwards.

I feel like a million dollars.

This Week’s Question

Do you look for messages? If not, try it!

I’d love you to share your results in the Comments.

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LB said...

Hi Joyce ~ I'm with you. It's unnerving when it happens, though to be fair it's usually a word I don't use on a regular basis, like a movie star's name or a flower I rarely see and am relatively unfamiliar with.

Sometimes it happens when I'm overwhelmed and have TOO many things on my mind; it reminds me to slow down and focus on what's important. And sometimes I think it's the trickster's way of humbling me by helping me to release my attachment to (and over-identification with) my intellect and verbal acuity.

My mom had dementia, eventually lost most of her words and memories. But her face lit up whenever she saw me and she always reached out to show affection ~ amazingly, our connection remained strong even as the disease progressed. It's not that words and ideas don't matter, it's that love matters more. We're more than our intellects (and accomplishments). Maybe some of us benefit from the occasional reminder.

A great book related to this is "Synchronicity: Through the Eyes of Science, Myth and the Trickster" by Allan Combs and Mark Holland. For a small book, it packs a wallop.:)

Joyce Mason said...

Great to hear from you, LB! There are many reasons we forget things, one being our constant state of information indigestion in the digital age. Everything happening so fast is something I believe our brains are still morphing to keep up with. I love your reminder about love being what matters most, even if we forget what to call it. What a beautiful memory of your mom. And I'm always for another book on synchronicity. Your contributions are always so meaty and welcome! :)