Friday, June 16, 2017

Crab, Lion, Virgin

A Summer Solstice Poem

Spring: We sow seeds of the year’s learning,
Summer: Intentions flower into full bloom and beauty.
Outer schools take a holiday.
Inner school is always in session:
Full Sun and Playground 101.

Crab to Lion to Virgin:
This stretch of Zodiac Circle leads us to the harvest
when all inner secrets and milestones reveal themselves
at Autumn Equinox.
We wonder how we’ll weigh in on the Scales of Libra.

For now, forget seeking aha’s and exhausting what-ifs.
No heavy lifting.
Let insights sneak up on you suddenly
at barbecues, in water play, when stargazing.
The peak of summer is the Sun’s domain,
time to revel in your own shimmering light.

Be there for yourself.
Just be—you.
Don’t shine yourself on.


Photo Credit: Partial photo of a pen-and-ink of the zodiac as a clock entitled TIME by H. Penton Voak. I purchased it at a metaphysical shop in Chicago many years ago

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