Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sacred America, Sacred World by Stephen Dinan


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Recently I had the pleasure of hearing a presentation in Sacramento by Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network, a leading global provider of online transformational courses and trainings. Stephen talked about the principles in his book, Sacred America, Sacred World. This book is an introduction to how spirituality and politics can merge to go beyond partisanship and benefit all. His vision is not just for the USA, but could trigger a divine domino effect of a better way across the globe.

To point out how Stephen is not just metaphysical but Astro-savvy, he quoted a humorous take he heard from astrologer Caroline Casey on the origin of the word protest (pro-testes, how Marsy) and ovation (same root as ovulation, the Venussy counterbalance for cheering instead of jeering). Like all dualities, these forces counterbalance each other. On the cusp of the return of the feminine, long overdue as a dominant rather than domineering force, the work of the conscious human is to evolve from winners and losers to winners all. Cooperation is the heart of the yin principle. If you don’t already know Caroline’s work (I was so tickled when he mentioned her), treat yourself to her expertise on how to weave astrology into this socio-political equation with plenty of humor and outrageousness.

I consider Sacred America, Sacred World a must-read introduction to the idea of transpartisanship and viewing the spiritual evolution of the USA. There has been no time more important than now to take a step back, put on your climbing gear and head up the mountain for an eagle’s eye view. We are currently so focused on outrage, fear and the line in the sand between left and right and red and blue; we forget that great quote from The Desiderata, “No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” Stephen’s work will give you hope and perspective that what we’re seeing is just a stage we have to pass through, leading to greater evolution.

To Stephen Dinan, “sacred is a term that recognizes the dignity, divinity and wholeness in literally everyone and everything.” Bringing sacred and America together is “a call to reach our highest destiny as a country.”

One of the major premises of the book—and I’ll leave you the joy of discovering the rest—is Stephen’s view of the USA “operating system.” From America’s founding in 1776-87 and the Articles of Confederation (America 1.0), we’ve passed through The Constitution/Bill of Rights (2.0), the abolishment of slavery (3.0), women’s voting rights (4.0), the New Deal expanding government’s role to provide safety nets (5.0), and the civil rights and women’s movements toward full inclusion of citizens (6.0). Since 2000,  we’ve been in operating system 7.0, a global era affecting Internet, trade, travel and financial movement.

This book is about what American is, as a nation, and what it has the potential to become. Stephen shares his own challenges with setting aside his biases and learning to see the central commonality between opposing views and how healing conversations between polarized people have to come about one person and step at a time. Of all the things America is and always has been, Stephen cites its pioneering spirit as perhaps its most central quality. That quality screams Aries, although the only Aries planet in the USA chart is Chiron. That makes so much sense! Give me your tired, your poor ... your oppressed, your wounded. How will Chiron's next Return in April 2024 affect the emerging operating system? Not to mention transiting Uranus now conjunct the USA's natal Chiron?

Meanwhile, planetary pioneers, hitch your wagons to being the change and Upward Ho. I rarely do reviews on The Radical Virgo, but I believe this book is so important; it deserves your attention as love radicals in action.

If you’ve already read it or when you do, I would love to hear your impressions in the Comments.


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