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2017: Radical Virgo Vision in Action

Article © 2016 by Joyce Mason

We are all interconnected. Thanks to the Internet, which even has “inter” in its name, most of us have experienced that people the world over are much more alike than different. We all want the same basics: love, safety, shelter, food on the table, the opportunity to make enough money to meet our needs and meaningful work. The freedom to see the world in our own way (religion, philosophy) and to be the masters of our own destiny.

For three decades, astrology has helped me understand myself, others and the amazing interconnection we share. A good dose of Neptune has helped me see that Oneness, even while a Uranus-tinged Sun has helped me appreciate our differences. Pluto has refined me in the fires of the Underworld. Chiron has saved me with the promise that healing comes from carrying on the mission to help others—that this mission, indeed, is salvation and wholeness itself. In the healer-healee dynamic, both are lifted up. A bit of Heaven comes down to Earth every time someone breaks through pain, being stuck or feeling disowned by himself, herself or others. After all, if we are each other, healing can only be a two-way street.

Karmic Connections

Life has been very dramatic in illustrating karmic connections to me. Synchronicity is as ordinary as dawn in my days. How that applies between us: I can assume that readers attracted to this blog have some level of need for its message because they’re drawn to it. It also means that the things I go through and feel compelled to share are, at some level, things you are likely to benefit from. Here’s hoping that many of you will resonate to where I’m headed with The Radical Virgo in the future.

New Directions

As I share in my article, Your Relationship with Astrology, my own star trek changes over time. At present, I’m in a place where I’m a backseat, eternal astrology student, not on the front lines of teaching and consulting. This feels wonderful—the right place for me now. It reflects how astrology will always be part of my understanding of the universe and how it ticks. One thing I doubt I’ll ever be able to resist? Writing about astrology.

Astrology’s changing role for me has to do with shifts in my life that occupy most of my time. (See Pluto: The Cosmic Reset Button.) But there’s another, even bigger reason. Astrology has taken me to levels of deep understanding about life, but it begs a next step—how to take action to make my own life (and all of ours) better. Astrology is very Mercurial and its oft-said higher octave, Uranian. Right now I’m ready for Mars! I’m ready to put what I’ve learned into action and to focus not just on astrology but how the multidimensional understanding we are lucky to get from it can be applied to a world that needs a lot of help.

Back to Basics

For most of its 7+ years of existence, you’ve seen on the sidebar of this blog The Radical Virgo Vision … a place where all signs—not just Virgos—learn how to express the best of their star map. Borrowing from the original article, “The Radical Virgo,” the namesake of this blog first published in The Mountain Astrologer in April/May 1992, I’m adding a line. It now reads:

a place where all signs—not just Virgos—learn how to express the best of their star map and are encouraged to do their best for the evolution of the planet.

This addition goes back to the original Radical Virgo article that outlines Virgo’s three realms of influence: sexuality, work and enlightenment. This line in particular speaks to translating inner evolution to outer group action:

Enlightenment. The Radical Virgo is beyond which toilet bowl cleaner deodorizes best and onto saving the world from going down the drain.

What to Expect in 2017

There will always be astrological information here, and I will continue to make my posts as practical and experiential as possible. Good examples of taking knowledge to its daily application can be found in the Planetary Fishing series. (Just put Planetary Fishing and the planet you want into the search box.) There will of necessity be fewer articles, as in 2016, but my aim is quality over quantity.

There will be a new emphasis on ways we can take our astrological knowledge and apply it to healing our world on all levels. This will especially be relevant to Outerplanetary People, who have profound experiences in the heaven-to-earth dynamic and clear inklings of what’s coming next.

Let me conclude with where I want to start in the New Year. The US Presidential election has been just one example of the dissention and broken nature of human relationships. Terrorist activities and crime are rampant.  You might say that half the world is in opposition to each other with few trines in sight. I want to share tools about how we PUNCs (Plutonian, Uranian, Neptunian Chironics) can put our healing energy into morphing this angry chaos into respect, understanding and co-creation of common ground in a safer, fairer and more loving world. As a preview, I’m sharing a quote that will be my guiding light in the year to come and beyond:

Peacemaking doesn’t mean passivity. It is the act of interrupting injustice without mirroring injustice, the act of disarming evil without destroying the evildoer, the act of finding a third way that is neither fight nor flight but the careful, arduous pursuit of reconciliation and justice. It is about a revolution of love that is big enough to set both the oppressed and the oppressors free.

From A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals
by Shane Claiborne

I guess my Libra planets are really kicking in.

Peace, Positive Change and a New Year Full of Blessings,


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