Monday, December 12, 2016

Favorite Holiday Posts Wrapped with a Bow!

The patron saint of The Radical Virgo is Chiron. One of the things Chiron rules is recycling. So here are some posts worth another go-round, annotated for your choosing pleasure! The most popular is Gifts for Every Chiron Sign. While it's tongue-in-cheek, the gifts really work.

From funny to sign self-revealing, these bits of wisdom will warm your heart along with your hot chocolate and suggest appropriate gifts. There’s even a link for shopping ideas by zodiac sign from Your Fairy Godmother!

Humor: Gifts for Every Chiron Sign (9-Dec-09) This most popular holiday post of all time on The Radical Virgo serves such an important purpose. The holiday season can bring up old wounds like nobody’s business, especially when you combine high stress with relatives.  How many family fights have started at the holiday dinner table? Even when we vow to be on our best behavior, unresolved injuries, irritations, and family enmeshment can cause a person to go Scrooge without creative intervention. Here’s my suggestion. Shop their Chiron signs!

Zodi-Yuks: New Year’s Resolutions from Aries to Pisces (26-Dec-10) Don’t know if any one of our zodiac characters can keep these, but they’re bound to keep you laughing.

Ho-ho-hilarious from Aries to Pisces.

How respecting and celebrating everyone’s beliefs is peace in action.

Celebrate This Momentous Winter Solstice! (5-Dec-12) While geared to the long-awaited sky signatures of 2012, this post has Solstice rituals you’ll enjoy having in your repertoire every year.

Holiday Shopping for the Stars and Your Favorite Stargazers (12-Dec-13) Featured author, Mary English and her Sun Sign books.f

Enjoy Auntie Joyce’s take on which carols “belong” to which signs. It’s hard to laugh and sing at the same time!

The Twelve Days of Solstice—and Other Cracked Carols  (10-Dec-13) A classic rewritten for astrologers and astrology lovers, just in time for your Astro-group’s holiday party … or just for your own amusement.

Photo Credit: © Mariia Pazhyna

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