Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thank Me, I’m Welcome

A Journey in Self-Gratitude with Hints from the Astro-Signs

© 2016 by Joyce Mason

During the autumn harvest and Thanksgiving season, we express gratitude for our blessings. Unfortunately, few of us start with thanks for ourselves, our talents and our day-to-day accomplishments. Many of us still haven’t sorted out healthy self-esteem from vanity, and we figure if we err in either direction, it’s better to be overly humble, if not downright self-deprecating, rather than boastful or conceited. Few people enjoy braggarts or know-it-alls, so by all means, let’s hide how smart we are while we’re at it.

Imagine if these qualities had feelings like people. They’d be hurt if not angry. Many of them have been there for us all our lives, but we rarely even acknowledge them. They do have feelings—ours. All these qualities are part of us, inextricably bound to our self-esteem, personal power and ability to manifest more blessings in the world.

What if we turn it around this year? Thanking yourself for the good you do and are every day can be a life-changing practice. It can even optimize your astrological self-expression.

Here’s my suggested November (and beyond?) exercise:

Create a journal or a special computer file on Self-Gratitude. Every day, find five things to thank yourself, admire yourself or pat yourself on the back for.

Examples from my last couple days:

1.   I’m grateful I’ve finally asked for help in several major areas of need, where I would normally cling to an almost insane degree of independence, sometimes for years.
2.   I’m grateful for my sense of humor, which gets me through every rough patch.
3.   I like my sense of style and color. (Thank you, Venus.)
4.   I like that I was able to tell my husband that something was bothering me in an adult-to-adult way without slipping into more kneejerk responses when one of my buttons was pushed.
5.   I like that I have let go of an overload activities, allowing myself to see what’s right for now, what might be saved for later—and which ones I should let go for the foreseeable future.

If you can’t find five things at first, start with one or two. There’s no shame in starting small and working your way up. Some days you might have one, if you make this a habit, other days you might have 10 or more.

We worry about our credit scores that control what we can purchase. We need to worry as much about our Give Yourself Credit scores, as they are what put us in the flow of seeing our own growth and in the flow of prosperity.

Maybe you might need a little boost to find things to admire about yourself, especially if you aren’t a “regular” at this game and aren’t comfortable with a lot of attention. Let’s go ‘round the zodiac and give you some positive Astro-starting points. I’m not just talking about your Sun sign, but all your planets in their signs. Some of us “use” all 12 in our charts; others use fewer. Admiring their best qualities is a great way to jumpstart your Self Credit.

Reasons to Be Thankful for Yourself: Around the Zodiac

Aries – I appreciate that I already admire myself. I’m always at the ready. I like being able to win or get there first. I love my creativity. I like that I’m adventurous. I love that I’m fast. I appreciate that I can cut through the crap.

Taurus – I like how I look. I like how I allow myself luxuries. I like how I touch nature when gardening or hiking. I like how I enjoy my physical body. I appreciate my tenacity, especially when I’ve got a big problem to solve that takes time.

Gemini – I like my mind. I like my varied interests (never a dull moment). I like how I use words and communications tools. I appreciate my adventures on short-trips. I like the sound of my voice.

Cancer – I like how I nurture. I like my cooking. I like how I hold the space that creates family. I love my capacity to create life. I appreciate my many moods—all are me.

Leo – I like that I have no problem being admired. I like the way I carry myself. I like that I wear gold and shiny things. I love that I play with children. I love my own inner child. I love the warmth I share with others.

Virgo – I like my reliability. I like my organizational skills. I like my knowledge of health foods, herbs and complementary medicine. I like my ability to make small pets family. I like my self-sufficiency. I admire my mind.

Libra – I like how I adorn myself. I like my tendency to find peace and quiet. I like that I right wrongs. I like that I’m a people person. I like that I’m an attentive partner.

Scorpio – I love my depth. I love my own darkness. I appreciate my ability to warn others of some people’s bad intentions. I like my ability to solve mysteries or psychological puzzles. I like that I’m sometimes willing to live dangerously, as we’re most alive on the edge.

Sagittarius – I like my generosity. I like my laughter. I am happy with my ongoing quest for knowledge. I like that I can cut to the chase. I admire my spirit of adventure. I like that I can find the truth, even of others don’t always like what I find.

Capricorn – I like my ability to succeed, one step at a time. I like my executive and managerial skills. I like how I provide stability for my family, employees and business associates. I like my organizational skills. I like that I’m always willing to climb higher in life.

Aquarius – I like my uniqueness. I like how easily I make friends. I like how I belong to many organizations and make insightful contributions to them. I like when I can upset the applecart and cause positive change, in the end, because of it. I like my mind.

Pisces – I like how I create my own bliss. I like my artistic abilities. I like how easily I merge with like-minded spirits. I like my charity and service to others. I like my depth or deep waters. I love my meditations and prayers.

Of course, your own list will be a lot more specific to a day, event or situation. If you want to take it up to the next notch, I highly recommend Louise Hay’s Mirror Work. (Right now the Kindle version is only $1.99.) It may bring up a lot of tears as you meet your feelings about your self-determined “flaws,” but it will bring you a Thanks-me-giving that will be like none you’ve ever before experienced.


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