Monday, October 10, 2016

Munchies for Astro-Thought: Makeover for Old Planets and Signs

© 2016 by Joyce Mason

When the Sun is in Libra, it’s the perfect time to equalize your patterned response to your astrology chart. The idea is that we have glommed onto certain keywords, phrases or ideas about our planets and signs that may be limited and habitual. Our vision of them may not always give us the most possibilities for expressing ourselves. Sometimes a makeover is due, especially when the Sun is in a sign of beauty and balance. On the other hand, sometimes we have overdone the positive view of a planet, sign or aspect to the point of missing its darker side that we also need to learn from.

Try this exercise to look at life (and your chart) from both sides now, as in the old Joni Mitchell song:

1.   Take your favorite planet. Maybe it’s the Sun, Venus or Jupiter—or Uranus because you love being a unicorn. Write down the best and worst things you normally think of about this planet and its sign. You can also add its aspects to other planets in your chart, though it may be easier to keep it simple with planet and sign on the first go-round.

a.   Next, get quiet and meditative. Let pop into mind whatever comes to you about the configuration. Don’t critique your subconscious or worry whether its message contains accurate astrology, accurate fact or even a sane perspective. Our psyche speaks in metaphors and symbols, and it will likely mean something to you sooner or later. Just write it down afterwards.

b.   Now go to your favorite search engine and enter the name of the configuration. For instance, I’d probably enter Venus conjunct Sun and Neptune. This will bring up not just articles where your chart parts are mentioned but also comments people have made in discussions about them. Anything stand out as a new way of seeing or expressing your old planets?

c.    Optional: Hit your favorite astrology books, those you have on hand, to reacquaint yourself with your favorite astrologers’ ideas. Or ask an astrology-speaking friend what they think of when they see this blend of planetary poetry. As always, write it down. You might want to even create a special journal for your astrological explorations on your computer or in a special notebook.

2.    Spend the next week or so thinking about this exercise and notice how this planetary combo works in the laboratory of your life. What do you discover that's news to you? Write it down.

At the end of Part 2, what have you learned or changed about your impression of your favorite planet, sign (or aspect if you do them)? This exercise can be repeated over time with every planet, sign and aspect in your chart.

Please share, if you do the exercise, what you’ve learned from it. May it keep you well-rounded and open-minded, two of the best qualities we can have as stargazers on the Journey.


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