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Munchies for Astro-Thought: Elemental School

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The four elements are a very basic way of looking at your energy and approach to life—also, how life is currently approaching you. For starters, there’s the elemental balance you were born with, reflected in your natal chart. In most astrology programs, there is a report option that sorts it all out for you. Using my own horoscope as an example, I am primarily Earth/Air (6 points each), followed by Water (3) and Fire (2).

Yet, I have to tell you, I have often felt very watery, technically my weakest element. On the other hand, many people perceive me as fiery. There are things that modify the natal chart balance such as aspects to Neptune for feeling more water logged or Uranus for buzz, brilliance and feeling like the odd (wo)man out. A prominence of any planet (close aspects or many aspects) can shift the elemental balance in practical terms. Each planet has a characteristic type of juice that affects the equation. The outers can have a lot of influence. How they feel to me: Neptune adds water, Uranus—air/fire. Pluto, water/fire and Chiron an earth/fire combo. I experienced Jupiter as generically fiery, even though my own is in the water element.

On top of that, there are times in life where transits and necessity tip the balance of the four elements and create a stew that may not feel familiar. You might feel like you’re not yourself. Indeed, you’re not.

Is the goal elemental balance? I think it’s OK to be who you are, elementally, but it’s important to be able to beef up an element in the mix when you can really use a specific dose of earth, air, fire or water. Certain times in our lives emphasize specific elements. For instance, going to college is a very airy time. Caring for a loved one is both watery and very earthy. Competing for a new job or working to get ahead? Fire. And fire is play and fun, too—vacations, creative projects that are more fun that work.
This munchie is simple. Take a look at the elemental balance in your natal chart. Now assess your primary activities in this phase of your life—by element. This will give you both your elemental orientation and your current elemental climate. Adjust your activities for more balance, if needed.

You can look at the elemental nature of your transits, of course, but I find that perhaps a bit too airy—unless, of course, Air is a weak element for you—then by all means. For the most part, I’m looking for a visceral more experiential approach to elemental awareness and adjustment, if you find you have too much or too little of one of the four, leaving you to feel as wobbly as a three-legged stool. If you discover that you’re short some juice on any one of them or too long on others, here are some ideas on what you can do to increase or decrease the needed element or rebalance your energy blend for the time being. To increase the element, do more of these activities. To decrease, do less of them.


  • Physical work, especially work with your hands
  • Gardening
  • Exercise
  • Sex
  • Spending time in nature
  • Eating, especially heavier foods like meat and starches
  • Grounding activities like deep breathing and visualizations that “root” you
  • Drink coffee, if it has a grounding effect on you


  • Read
  • Study
  • Fly somewhere
  • Go on carnival rides that fly you through the air
  • Get involved in online groups to discuss issues important to you
  • Dive into politics
  • Take a class
  • Find a brain exercise website, such as Lumosity, and do some mental gymnastics
  • Get an app or join a group for games of strategy. (Mine’s Scrabble. Chess may be the headiest of all.)
  • Blog or post in social media on complex subjects. Get conversations going.
  • Communicate and upgrade your communications equipment 
  • Share ideas without getting emotional


  • Athletics and sports
  • Playing with children
  • Having fun in any form
  • Energizing forms of yoga
  • Spending time in sunshine
  • Activities around fire such as a fireplace, campfire or barbecue
  • Competitions of any kind, aiming to win or come in first
  • Creative pursuits
  • Doing things that excite you/fire you up
  • Gambling or games of chance

  • Watch schmaltzy movies
  • Do yoga or flowing martial arts such as t’ai chi or qigong
  • Swim, sauna or use a whirlpool
  • Meditate, emphasizing a release into the Cosmic One
  • Feed yourself and/or others nurturing foods
  • Visit hospital patients
  • Give to or volunteer for a charity such as feeding the homeless
  • Participate in world peace meditations or activities that work on the spiritual plane for uniting people
  • Do artwork, music or any soul-expressive creativity

Mastering your elemental mix is a simple and broad approach to toward activating your personal energy resources to meet what’s happening now. The simplicity of adjusting activities by element can ease feeling of out of sorts. If you try it, let us know how it works for you in the Comments.


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