Monday, November 16, 2015

Radical Reprise: Prayer and Thanksgiving Month 2014

The 2014 prayer and gratitude posts bear repeating! Last week we reprised the 2013 gratitude posts. This week, it’s same time last year with plenty of offerings to center and inspire you—to help you say Thank God, Goddess, All That Is—in many eclectic, multicultural ways.

Prayers and Gratitude Posts From 2014

Throughout this series, I’m going to invite you to substitute whatever is comfortable for you when it comes to describing Higher Power: God, Goddess, All That Is, Spirit, the Universe—or fill in the blank.

My Morning Prayer (2-Nov-14)
“Bless this day … my path … my human family.”

“Let me be willing to see the big picture in all things …”

A poem by Rumi (“Let the beauty of love be what we do…,” a simple grace and photo that say it all.

“Bless us, Pure Love, and these your gifts …”
Adapted from Catholic grace

“I lift my eyes up and open my arms in thanks …”

“How wonderful, O Lord, are the works of Your hands!”

O Great Spirit of our AncestorsI raise my pipe to you.
To your messengers the four winds, and to Mother Earth who provides …”

 …or Other Spiritual Consultations

"Enough” is a feast. ~ Buddhist proverb

By Ralph Waldo Emerson

A two-liner by Abraham Heschel and a photo that say it all.

“Oh, God, bless this food we are about to receive …”

How to make every day of the year Thanksgiving by way of gratitude journals, websites and other tools for cultivating our awareness of being blessed.

Buddhist Blessing (25-Nov-14)
“May I feel safe … happy …”

“Great and Mystery of Life, Creator of All Things …”

A modified pagan prayer for sending up a series of prayers to the universe for their highest good. A great finale for group prayer gatherings.


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