Monday, November 30, 2015

Prayer for Social Networking

© 2015 by Joyce Mason

May I share from the highest part of me:
Well-thought opinions
Humor and play.

May I avoid “ain’t it awful”
Soap boxes
Breeding anger or hate
Making fun of others in an unkind way
Categorizing (us and them).

Spirit of Oneness,
Help me appreciate the miracle
Of the Internet
Its capacity to join diverse and distant
Human beings in a dialogue about
What we have in common
Where there’s no such thing as “foreign.”

May I use this blessing of interconnection
To heal the earth and the beings on it--
To love, enjoy and expand my consciousness.
Help me envision the day where this link is so strong
No false ideology can sever the bonds of people
Getting to know one another
And changing the world
One relationship at a time.


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This completes our 3rd Annual Prayer and Thanksgiving Month on The Radical Virgo. Hope you enjoyed the prayers and articles, both old and new.

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