Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mercury Retrograde Autumn

Poem © 2015 by Joyce Mason

Moon and Ceres kiss in Capricorn:
I look back to see how 
and what I have nurtured—fed.
Sun, North Node and Juno
Travel together in trio
opposite Vesta.
How have I held the flame,
my Olympic torch
toward new directions?

Autumn and the shift
from summer growth
remind us:
What we harvest depends on
what we plant and feed
and the direction we are headed.

So many planets in trine:
A symphony of weaving past, present
and future

Loud as falling leaves
No one time/space more important
Than the other—
Time Dancing as


Photo Credit:  © margarette -


Muman said...

Lovely flow of words and display of the cosmic dancer :)

Joyce Mason said...

Dear Muman,

Thank you for the compliments. I never know where the germ of an idea for one of my poems will lead. It's a surprise to me every time when it all comes together! I couldn't resist reading your bio and see that you're what I call a PUNC--a Plutonian, Uranian, Neptunian Chironic. No wonder you read my blog. :) I love getting to know other "outerplanetary people."

Happy Autumn Dance,