Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Radical Reposts: The Planets – Saturn

2015 is a year of reposts by topic on The Radical Virgo. The idea is to create a blog bibliography (blogography) for you to find subject-related articles and an easy way to revisit past posts and find new ones to explore. 

“You have a good relationship with Saturn,” Donna Cunningham once reminded me when I was fearful of a Saturn transit on the horizon. If you don’t have a good relationship with Saturn—yet—remember it’s not only possible; it’s one of the best goals any astrology lover can take on.

Saturn is half of the duo that results in the creation of great human beings. We say the best thing we can give our children is roots (Saturn) and wings (Uranus). Saturn represents the structure we need to be civilized and to function well on Earth while Uranus offers us the freedom to explore and discover what lies beyond our limits in order to expand them. We grow up to Saturn’s edge, and then Chiron gives us a bridge to Uranus and all the actualization tools represented by the outer planets.

I was fascinated by the fact that there have been four posts on Saturn on The Radical Virgo, like the sides of a square, creating a tidy “enclosure.” This is one of the things Saturn does. It gives us boundaries so that we can feel safe functioning in the world. Imagine them to be just a bit rubbery, so when they become too confining, we can stretch ourselves to grow even more.

Here are the RV’s déjà Saturn posts:

Saturn is rarely loved like Jupiter. Many people dread seeing Saturn coming. They make a cross with their index fingers, wear garlic and treat old Chronos like a vampire that’s going to suck all the fun out of their life. Saturn has his true positives, and we’ll go for balancing the fishing boat on this one, too. (The only planet that’s probably less popular is Pluto.)

In this movie that started shooting in June 2014 (not yet released), all of the characters are in the heart of their Saturn Return, the time at 29.5 years when the planet Saturn “returns” to the place it was in the sky at one's birth. We all have a Saturn Return when we are turning 30, turning 60, turning 90. This is the time when we typically wrestle with the big life choices— career, life partner and life purpose. 

“Mature” relationship, by the very use of the adjective mature involves making peace with Saturn. There is a good reason why Saturn is exalted—best placed—in the sign of Libra. We all want relationships that endure, relationships that are “there for us.” We want love that’s steady and reliable, a love that creates just enough boundaries so we can feel safe to be ourselves, even when we push the envelope. (If we can’t push the envelope in a relationship, we can’t grow and the partnership withers.)

In the previous article, Saturn in Libra: “Form” Your Love Life, Chart Your Relationship History; we began creating a timeline of past relationships. My inspiration was an exercise on charting times of personal transformation, based on the book, Living Deeply by Marilyn Mandala Schlitz et al. One of the exercises the authors invite readers to do: make a chart of your life in seven-year cycles. Of course, that’s the Saturn cycle with its seven-year increments!


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