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Radical Reposts: The Planets – Jupiter


Jupiter is so big; it dwarfs the other planets.

2015 is a year of reposts by topic on The Radical Virgo. The idea is to create a blog bibliography (blogography) for you to find subject-related articles and an easy way to revisit past posts and find new ones to explore.

In the last post, I was surprised that I’d published so few articles on Mars, given my Jupiter/Mars trine. Looks like Jupiter, as usual, was the part of that pair that overdid things. There are plenty of meaty posts on this planet to sing your teeth into, by Jove.

By Jove and by the way, the second post in the Back to School series on individual learning styles is the 4th most popular post of all time on The Radical Virgo. Enjoy!
Exploring Jupiter

This could be the start of something BIG--Jupiter. In the ancient Roman religion and myth, Jupiter or Jove was king of the gods and also the god of sky and thunder.  Let’s explore Jupiter, planet of optimism, enthusiasm, expansion, goodwill, religion and philosophy, good fortune, travel and higher education.

Knowledge is power! Learning needs and style shape your life. Extra! Extra! Learn all about it.

In Part 1, we explored Jupiter by sign. We covered how the flavor of your Planet of Expansion influences your quest for life-long learning. As astrologers and astrology students, knowing how your Jupiter ticks is nearly as important as having chart software. Playing to the needs of your Jupiter will help you learn, grow, and grasp new concepts better, make you a better spiritual adventurer, and give you the broadest view of life.

In Part 1, we looked at Jupiter in the Signs. Part 2 is where we visited your 9th House and any planets in it. Now for the grand finale of our Jupiter Journey, let's touch on how Jupiter works in the houses.

No holiday could be more “Jupiter” than the typical American Thanksgiving. We overdo everything—food, football, friends, family and acid indigestion.

Jupiter Transits

What a wonderful process for anyone whose 4th House is about to be visited by Jupiter, a transit that at its best could support the recreation of a joyful childhood.

In Part 1 of this trip down memory lane, I identified these ingredients that made up my happy childhood home. Here’s the rest of the recipe.

Jupiter Return

 While the Jupiter Return is a transit, too, it’s in a class of its own for the blessings it can bring. Mine is just one case study. Find the dates of your last Jupiter Return (every 12 years) and see what was happening for you. If you don’t have your own astrology software, visit the free chart service on www.astro.com. (See Horoscope Chart Drawings.)

Coming Home to My True Beliefs. Every twelve years, Jupiter returns to its natal position in our charts. My latest Jupiter Return was very relevant to the ultimate creation of The Radical Virgo, even though I had no idea where I was headed at the time. You can almost think of this pair of posts as an extended “About” section that tells the background of this blog and how I got here.

Now that I've shared my previous post with set-up and background, I can finally tell you the details of what happened during my last Jupiter Return and everything it set in motion. It all started with missing ritual …


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Radical Recommendation
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