Saturday, November 29, 2014

Chant at the End of Our Prayers

From the ground, from the stone,
From the windswept sky,
From the flaming fire’s cone,
From the flowing water’s sigh,
Our prayers are filled with good intentions,
faith and love and peace.
We raise our hands up to the sky,
These prayers we do release!

May the strength of our circle
And the power of our intentions
Serve all for whom we pray – in the highest good.

~ Modified from a traditional pagan ritual


Photo Credit: © Nikki Zalewski -

This is a Prayer and Gratitude Month post.

Note from Joyce: I belong to a small women’s spiritual support circle. When we pray, we have a plate of tealight candles as our major prop, set in the center of the circle. Each of us mentions someone who needs our prayers and the reason why. There are usually several prayers per person over the course of the ritual. As we alternate our prayer requests, we name the person or intention three times as we light a candle for each individual or cause. Example: Tom, Tom, Tom; or An End to Hunger, three times. Our last prayer is always Peace on Earth. (There’s a prayer for which three repeats hardly seem like enough.) Finally, we say this closing chant together to send our intentions out to the universe. One of the things I like most about this chant and earth-based spirituality is how they honor the four elements of which all things are made, emphasizing our part of the ecosystem of heaven and earth.

This share seemed like the perfect way to end this year’s prayer month on The Radical Virgo. Speaking of sharing, if you have special ways you pray, especially with others, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to hear from you in the Comments.

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