Saturday, November 1, 2014

November: Another Prayer and Gratitude Month on The Radical Virgo

Dear Radical Readers,

November 2013 was Prayer and Gratitude Month on The Radical Virgo. It was so popular; I’m reprising it this year with new prayers as well as inspirations on gratitude from multiple traditions and sources. I urge you to read last year’s opening post to learn the genesis of this idea that caught on. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that so many people still pray. Knowing that astrology lovers tend to be freelancers when it comes to spirituality, it was nice to know that so many of you appreciate the multiple ways we can say, Thank God [1], Goddess, the Universe or All That Is.

“Gratitude is a form of worship in its own right, as it implies the acceptance of a power greater than yourself.”   ― Stephen Richards

Enjoy this cornucopia of sending our desires, intentions and concerns in an up-spiral to the heavens.  Know the blessing of being in the flow of everything good through the biggest prayer of all, gratitude. I’ll end this post and start this year’s series with the simple and simply beautiful ancient Celtic prayer:

Blessed Be,

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[1] Throughout this series, I’m going to invite you to substitute whatever is comfortable for you when it comes to describing Higher Power: God, Goddess, All That Is, Spirit, the Universe—or fill in the blank.  A friend told me, “I still have trouble with the G-word.” She was raised in a fundamentalist religion, and having experienced the results of religious rigidity myself, I know how important it can be to find a new vision of deity or the Divine All Together, as I sometimes call Him/Her/It/Them. What I hope we won’t do is throw out the baby with the holy water when it comes to a great prayer that just may need a minor edit of terms for you to find its healing gold.


paul said...

great post

I like to call it 'SOURCE'

Joyce Mason said...

Thanks, Paul. I like Source!