Monday, October 27, 2014

Déjà Boo! Digging Up Past Halloween Posts

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Combine my love of costumes with having Jupiter and Chiron in Scorpio in my chart, and you’ll understand why the list is funny and a little creepy in spots.

Enjoy these Radical reprises:

Scorpio for a Day (26-Oct-09) - How would each of the signs dress up as a Scorpio for Halloween? What weird and wonderful things would they do with it? Die laughing of gallow’s humor.

Happy Haunting from The Radical Virgo (28-Oct-10) – A look at Halloween and its nearby relatives, such as Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Day and the Discovery of Chiron on November 1, 1977 with a look at Chiron’s Scorpio Sun discovery chart.

Halloween Treat Break: Costumes I’ve Had the Nerve to Wear (28-Oct-11) More of me revealed than you may care to see—don’t say you weren’t warned—complete with photos. One of my favorite results of this post was how it reconnected me with a long, lost Scorpio friend.

Signs of Halloween: Quotes and Warnings Around the Zodiac (14-Oct-12) Cracks you might hear and cranks you might wish you could avoid as the 12 signs display their dark sides during the Halloween season, each in their own inimitable style.

Incognito: Costumes and Other Cheap Thrills (29-Oct-13) The psychology of costumes, a costume exercise for you and your friends, and my all-time favorite costume ideas and incidents.


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