Monday, June 16, 2014

Earthburst/Sunburst: A Summer Solstice Poem

Poem © 2014 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Nature and sunshine
pull me away from the strong
magnetic force field
of modern life indoors.

My bonds with my computer,
smartphone weaken
for wisteria and roses
flashbacks to the child
inside me dying
to ride her bicycle
to places her mother
will never let her go
purples and pinks
whizzing by
escaping under a sky
shouting memories.

Heat on my face
colors on steroids
a new relationship
with the earth
under my feet
barefoot in the park
lawn and beach

I go forward into the bright day
celebrating the signs of summer:
rebirthing Cancer’s child within
playing her heart out
like a little Leo in love with life
all the way to the finish line
of late summer
Virgo on the cusp of autumn
self-sufficiency meets love

the end of summer romances
and romances with summer
till the endless cycle
and bicycle
head home again:
repeat next year
with copious quantities of
sunsbursts and laughter.


Photo Credit: © Konstantin Yuganov -

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