Monday, September 30, 2013

October: The Radical Virgo Hosts Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights

Dear Radical Readers,

During most of October, the Sun is in Libra. Issues of balance and partnership are on our minds as well as beauty and ambiance—and, of course, love, peace and justice.

In my case, the next few months will be very imbalanced on the side of work as I prepare my novel, The Crystal Ball, for publication. I need a rest from new posts on The Radical Virgo since my time is so taken up with the publication and promotion of my book and my leap into fiction.

No pun intended, but I flashed on the idea that this would be the perfect time to introduce you to one of my other blogs, Hot Flashbacks/Cool Insights.  Hot/Cool is a partner to The Radical Virgo, because without the training ground it gave me as a blogger, I would not have created this astrology blog you’re reading.

I posted actively on Hot/Cool from September 2007 – January 2011. While my “spirited living” blog is on archive status now, it still holds some of my favorite articles I’ve ever written. I’d like to repost and share some of them with you here on The Radical Virgo in the coming month. I hope this sampler will be an impetus to explore a new relationship with my older blog. Although I am no longer posting there, Hot/Cool has 174 posts. Most of them, as on The Radical Virgo, are full-length articles. I suspect you’ll find a lot to enjoy.

Another balancing act: The articles on Hot/Cool are not written from the lens of astrology, though astrology sometimes  might be mentioned in them. They are, however, written with the larger vision that learning astrology inspires and helps develop. They are bigger picture articles of the same ilk as some of my Bigger Than the Sky posts here, some of which are reprints from Hot/Cool, too.

It’s important that we don’t look at the world only through astrology but realize that the biggest possible perspective is what most helps us to evolve as humans. There’s never been a time when we’ve been doing more rapid evolution, so I hope this break from Astro posts in favor of the “spirited living” perspective of Hot/Cool is a pleasant change (nice Libran words).

You’ll find a lot of the other Libran keywords in Hot/Cool, too. There will be a lot to ponder about relationships. I hope you'll also enjoy getting to know some of my other forms of writing, as I hope all my readers will come with me to some of my new genres, including fiction. Who couldn't use a little actual mystery, the very humorous kind, to balance all our work here on solving the mysteries of life?

Enjoy the hot flashbacks and cool insights!

Autumn abundance,


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