Friday, September 21, 2012

Equinox Poem: “Autumn Me”

© 2012 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Cool breezes call me
to the autumn of my soul
farmer’s market of inner bounty
so overdone;
it’s almost obscene.
Colors so wanton
they put rainbows to shame.

I drink it all in
from gourds of change
smell the fall flowers of my bloom.
Flashbacks come
vibrant as the market scene
and leaves starting to burnish.

Déjà-vu: I see who
I was last winter
the seeds of becoming
planted in spring
the summer growth
and now, the yield.

I yield to my ripeness
bow to the Libra Sun
the new balance in my being
until I shed my autumn leaf skin
for winter hibernation
become another New Me
once more
nature’s loving 
recycling loop.

Autumn is Me in Living Color
bursting with the courage
and accomplishment
of another year of living
from life’s full
palette of possibilities.


Photo Credit:  © cienpiesnf -

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