Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Poem for Summer Solstice

 The Growing Season

© 2012 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Sun mates with the Moon’s sign
Cusp of Cancer
No time for gestation.
Instant birth—

Mystery permeates
the light/dark merger
Hot, sizzling rays send us
to our 4th House womb
to seek shade,

Beaches, water, flowers full-bloom:
life calls us to play
where we learn on break
from our left brains

but in the dark
the growing season remembers
its work.

A new you beats its embryonic heart
in night movies and daydreams.
Who you are becoming next
weighs in your belly
heavy by Autumn Equinox

water breaks
you harvest your
New Self
see others renewed
all around you
fall in love:


Photo Credit: © kiyanochka - Fotolia.com


Mary Bradford said...

Beautiful. I absolutely love the gestational parallels. Thank you for your passionate words and happy Summer Solstice!

Joyce Mason said...

So glad the poem spoke to you, Mary. Happy Solstice to you, too! I'm celebrating with my Solsisters group tonight, and I'm in the lucky position that my ceremonial partner is leading. I get to sit back and relax down by the river and let summer sink in!