Monday, June 25, 2012

Poem: Embrace Uranus-Pluto

© 2012 by Joyce Mason
All Rights Reserved

Personal Power taut with Inspiration
Transforms every part of me the two touch
house, sign
lighting bolts to my planets
strung together aspects
electric network
jolted with the juice
to change in sudden ways
charged with insights
startled by things
that are no longer acceptable

The pain is only a moment
in the process as a whole.
I shake off shock and “come to.”

This kind of power surge is rare.
Ride it for all it’s worth!
even when the metal is “hot.”
Jolt yourself off your usual merry-go-round.
Pick yourself up.
Dust yourself off.
See life from a new perspective,
sense knocked into you.

Change mind and heart
in a power surge
exploding into manifestation
things you’ve never been able
to do before
during a time that is so on your side
to become all you are:
you see your own future
in fast forward photography.


Photo Credit: © Fenton -

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