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Your Astrological Blind Spot

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We all know the danger of the blind spot at the sides of our car when we’re driving. It’s amazing how an entire vehicle can fit into this small patch of our visual field that’s out of eye-shot of mirrors or craning neck—unless, of course, you happen to be possessed like the girl in The Exorcist with her 360o head spin.

I’m finding I have blind spots in my astrology chart, too. How ‘bout you?

My most recent episode startled me into awareness of how important it is to share your chart with trusted others. They might put you onto a spot in your horoscope that you can’t see or conveniently ignore. Of course, no surprise, mine has to do with Neptune.

It isn’t as if I didn’t know this particular Neptune aspect was there; rather, I had stopped really seeing it or focusing on it. It reminds me of those times you walk into a familiar room but suddenly notice a painting or piece of furniture that has been there all along. It jumps out at you after months or years of receding into the background.

My chart has a triple conjunction in Libra at the following degrees: Venus (5), Neptune (10) and Mercury (17). My Moon is at 8 Capricorn. I feel my natal Neptune-Moon square acutely, and I think that’s what makes me Neptunian—or at least, that’s what I talk about.

But what about Venus conjunct Neptune?  I certainly experienced Neptune conjunct Venus full boar in my single days. I dated men that all seemed to carry a trident dripping seaweed. Then there’s one Pisces  ex-husband and the current one with his loaded 12th House and Neptune on the Ascendant.

It took the following to reawaken me to certain features of my natal Venus/ Neptune conjunction. The current Pluto-Uranus square, with T-Uranus opposed my Venus, is forming a T-square to my Natal Moon conjunct Transiting Pluto. Yep, Venus/Neptune is still there in living color. I guess it had blended into the wall. You know how Venus and Neptune love art, especially in Libra! (My Venus conjunct Neptune had become a mural.)

Venus rules love and money, and it’s my chart ruler (duh). When the change-happy Pluto-Uranus square entered the picture to form that T-square with my Venus, I was shocked into realizing how I’d been ignoring the money part of my Venus. Venus conjunct Neptune was threatening to crash, like a speeding vehicle in the blind spot beside my car.  I was about to cut in front of it! I’ve been fogged over about money before, as you can well imagine with that natal aspect. But just as Neptune tends to make us feel that every new love is like the very first time, to quote a song made popular by Madonna (who has her own Radical Virgo chart features); so Neptune can make us feel gaga about our delicious spending habits. We are happy to metababble about prosperity consciousness without organizing or disciplining ourselves to merge the law of attraction with the law of common sense and the laws of the material world. (Now I'm hearing Material Girl. This post has a Madonna soundtrack!)

I’d love to hear from you. Is this only a Neptune thing? Or do you have blind spots about other parts of your chart that have come to light?

Now that the fog has lifted, I’m reading The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth, and I’m reorganizing my finances in a major way before someone has to call the paramedics. One can only hope with Uranus involved that the shake-up is only a fender bender instead of fatal accident. A friend told me recently that she didn’t see Transiting Uranus coming to a significant point in her chart, either. I have to wonder if some of this “forgetting” isn’t a defense mechanism. It’s really difficult to deal with too much at once. Even when driving, if we couldn’t let some of the traffic sounds and potential dangers fade into the background, we’d be too nervous to drive safely—a danger to ourselves and others when we’re behind the wheel.

If this share gets you thinking and helps bring to light some part of your chart that needs routine maintenance, consider it an astrological defensive driving course. During this combo of Mercury and Mars retrograde, it’s the perfect time to review how we’re driving our planetary energies and what mental patterns—including denial and distraction—are providing the potholes, obstructions and potential accidents on the road ahead.

Fasten your seat belts and adjust your mirrors! And do share, if you have other examples of missing what’s going on with your fifth “wheel,” your astrology chart.


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Oriana said...

I think Neptune is THE blindspot! I only noticed for the first time yesterday that my neptune is 8 degrees conjunct my Jupiter. I always thought it was maybe like 14 degrees away. 8 is wide but i feel 8 degree orbs (my jupiter is square my moon by 8 and i have all the major symptoms) ANYWAY. what the heck?! I've studied
my chart for years and never noticed that?