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Back to School: Jupiter and the 9th House, Part 3 of 3

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Jupiter in the Houses

In Part 1, we looked at Jupiter in the Signs. Part 2 is where we visited your 9th House and any planets in it. Now for the grand finale of our Jupiter Journey, let’s touch on how Jupiter works in the houses, since most of us will have it located somewhere other than the 9th.

House 1.  You identify with what you know. The first thing you’ll let people see about you is your qualifications, education, and authority on a subject. It may take others awhile to get past your brainy façade onto the real you—brains and a lot more. You may look down on others who don’t make “smart” decisions, since “smarts” are the filter through which you view life. Your personality tends to be big, and people know very quickly that they entitled to your opinion. You’ll go farther if you let out your Jupiter generosity and humor in front of your big opinions, especially if stated in a way that doesn’t hide being judgmental of others’ ideas. You seek educational opportunities that make you look good and degrees you can “wear” like jewelry since learning is so valuable to you. This placement can mark a “real character,” someone whose unique personality is unforgettable.

Jupiter in the 1st: I like to look smart.

House 2.  Jupiter in the house of values, resources and finances sounds like you can afford a good education and would love the good life enough to manifest money and security or believe you can. (My mother, a great believer, liked to call herself Prosperity Vanderbilt as an abundance affirmation.) Facility at gaining material goods may or may not be your forte, depending on the thinking that permeated your upbringing. (Children of parents who survived the Depression have a special challenge with this issue.) One thing’s certain: You’ll value comforts, nice things, and will consider an excellent education a necessity, not a luxury that will help you get them. You’ll scrimp and save, if necessary, to go to school and you’ll believe that degrees give back in dollars and enjoyment.

Jupiter in the 2nd: Education buys fortune, comfort, and beauty.

House 3.  You can’t get—or give—enough information. You’re particularly well equipped to be a writer, newscaster, journalist or purveyor of news and learning in nearly any medium. If it involves talking, writing, and educating the public, you’re in. Thus, your ongoing education may be out in the world of commerce, discussions, and current culture. Will you love to go to school? Yes, especially if it helps you be a better teacher and learner in your immediate School of Life. With the 3rd house connection with short trips, you don’t mind going to a commuter college and working additional degrees into your big communications-juggling act.

Jupiter in the 3rd: Gotta learn, gotta share, gotta keep talking and writing about what’s happening now.

House 4. You’d rather home school your children and take classes online at home—even better, go to school with your young adult children and make learning a family affair. You’ll insist your kids and grandkids watch a lot of educational television. You’ll enjoy taking the family on educational journeys—especially those with historical significance. You consider education in terms of its benefits to your family. Will it help me to provide more for them? Give them an example of life-long learning? As a writer or learner, you may be good at self-publishing, especially if it involves your clan. Example: Wildly popular author, Janet Evanovich, who writes humorous mysteries, has her entire family involved in her book business. (She has Jupiter in Cancer, similar theme.)

Jupiter in the 4th: Learning is a treasured member of your family.

Jupiter in the 5th.  Learning is fun and a creative outlet for you. You’d be particularly good at teaching children, since your own Inner Child is alive and well. There will be a flair for the dramatic in your teaching techniques, and as a learner, you’ll likely get a lot of attention for your pithy comments or humorous responses to questions in class. Education is the game of life to you, and you want to play as much as possible.

Jupiter in the 5th:  Let’s play school!

Jupiter in the 6th: Like the 3rd, the other Mercury-ruled house, Jupiter in the 6th  can’t know enough. You love learning that translates to service and work in the medical, health, or holistic welness fields. You are particularly organized as a teacher or learner. You’d make a good veterinarian or criminal justice major, since both pets and police are 6th house concerns. You like to learn specialized topics, and you’re as into on-the-job training as “book learning.” You are a hands-on learner, as the hands are particularly associated with the 6th house and the sign that rules it, Virgo.

Jupiter in the 6th: Hand me some learning. I’ll make good work of it.

Jupiter in the 7th. When I was in college in the 1960s, we used to joke about women who went to school to get their “Mrs. Degree.” This may still be the case for some women with Jupiter in the 7th—and Jupiter-7th men aren’t exempt from partner shopping on campus, either. School is about relationships for you. Learning expands your awareness of others and how to cooperate with them. You wouldn’t mind at all living with--or marrying--your honey while still in school and completing your educations together. As a professor, you’re well liked for being fair and listening to all sides of a debate. As a student, you might enjoy that kind of discussion as long as it doesn’t get too nasty and offend your sensibilities, what with Jupiter in this Venus-associated house.

Jupiter in the 7th: Teach me about people. Find me my most compatible lab and life partner.

Jupiter in the 8th.  You will research something to the ends of the earth, and since this is Jupiter we’re talking about, you may go there, literally, to do it. Learning is a deep, serious, and even compulsive enterprise for you. You resonate most to the mysteries of life and topics such a life-and-death, sex, psychology, and the criminal element. You’d make a great sex educator or learner on any of these subjects. You have psychic gifts, and when you can use them in your favor, they can shortcut the learning process by giving you the right hunch or hypothesis to begin with, avoiding many time-wasting wild goose chases when you’re writing a paper, thesis, or simply working on a research project. School is deeply satisfying for you, and it brings you a sense of personal power.

Jupiter in the 8th: Knowledge is power. I get off on learning.

Jupiter in the 9th: This was covered in the last post on the 9th House. Revisit it here.

Jupiter in the 9th: You are beloved teacher and as a student, quite often the class clown.

Jupiter in the 10th: Teaching is likely to be your profession and/or you're known for your knowledge out in the world. You are often a consultant, if not an educator per se, someone whose executive and administrative powers are sought after—and you’re considered an expert in your field. You have the capacity to become famous and to be known by reputation. When you wear it well, you carry the responsibilities and power of your wisdom in a positive, paternal way—someone who protects, provides for and mentors others.

Jupiter in the 10th:  Knowing is my job, my fame, and glory.

Jupiter in the 11th: Learning is the Great Experiment for you, and you have original, inventive ideas about education. Whether as teacher or student, you tend to gravitate toward campus organizations from fraternity or sorority to student council. Group creativity feeds you, and your originality and insights, along with reformist tendencies, allow you to make your mark in the intellectual setting. You tend toward brilliant and may enjoy organizations, such as Mensa that allow you to celebrate your intellectual uniqueness in community with other unicorns. Friends figure highly in your learning needs.

Jupiter in the 11th: Give me a group of friends at Free Thinkers U., and I’m happy.

Jupiter in the 12th. Learning is a form of bliss for you, and you like to blend higher states of consciousness with higher education. Metaphysical programs attract you, as well as subjects like psychology, particularly the study of the subconscious and addictions. Aesthetically pleasing environments lure you, as does studying art, music, and mythology. You can seem secretive in your pursuit of knowledge, assuming others already know what you do—hence, no reason to discuss it. You also like, at times, to learn in seclusion. One caution is using school to escape “the real world,” where your visionary and mystical mind is much needed.

Jupiter in the 12th: Learning retreats are your cup of tea. Your intuition is your path to sorting diffuse educational input into a grand aha.

Putting it All Together—Take Your Notes

Add Jupiter’s house to your notes as covered here in Part 3, using the Robin Williams example in Part 2 as a template. Also, consider any aspects to Jupiter from other planets. However, to keep this from becoming too complicated, simply focus on whether the aspect is flowing (trine, sextile, sometimes a conjunction) or challenging (square, opposition, quincunx, or sometimes a conjunction). That will give you a sense of which planets support your Jupiter or demand satisfaction before you can get the most out of your Jupiter. Take these notes along with some quiet time to contemplate them. They express what you need as a lifelong learner.

Now for the $64,000 Question: Are these needs being met in your current learning situations? Whether it’s an advanced degree, community self-improvement classes, or your astrology meet-ups—do they match your learning style?

If yes, bravo! And a nice confirmation to have. If not, what changes can you make to get to yes?


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