Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to School: Jupiter and the 9th House, Part 2 of 3

 House of philosophy, higher education, religion,
spiritual quests, and broadening your horizons.

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All Rights Reserved

In Part 1, we explored Jupiter by sign. We covered how the flavor of your Planet of Expansion influences your quest for life-long learning. As astrologers and astrology students, knowing how your Jupiter ticks is nearly as important as having chart software. Playing to the needs of your Jupiter will help you learn, grow, and grasp new concepts better, make you a better spiritual adventurer, and give you the broadest view of life.

This second article will explore what’s going on in your 9th house. You know how Jupiter likes to get bigger. This article series has expanded to three parts. Next time, in the final segment, we’ll explore the house where your Jupiter lives, if like most of us, it’s not in the 9th.

Door Number 9

Although we are mostly focusing on Jupiter’s association with higher education and life-long learning, I’ll add to the keywords under the 9 photo, above: long-distance travel, contact with foreign cultures, cultural trends, history, prophecy and educational institutions. These concepts, too, can have relevance to your best learning environment profile.

If you don’t have any planets in the 9th House, whatever sign is on the 9th House cusp will be the prominent influence of your 9th House. It won’t be quite as strong has having your Jupiter in that sign, but it will nonetheless exert a significant influence on your learning atmosphere. Revisit Jupiter in the Signs in Part 1 to get a sense of how that sign will work on your 9th House cusp. Jupiter in Aries is a lot like Aries on the 9th House cusp. Jupiter in Taurus a lot like Taurus on the 9th, and so on.

Get a feel for what color your 9th House is painted—a red the color of the planet Mars for Aries, a beautiful earth tone for Taurus, yellow for Gemini, and perhaps an light blue for Cancer, the color of a spring-fed lake. Leo might be gold, Virgo a cool gray-blue, Libra a lush pastel, Scorpio blood red, Sag a fiery orange, Capricorn a business suit gray, Aquarius an electric blue, and Pisces the blue-green of the deep ocean. Visualizing the color brings the energy of your 9th House to life.

Who Lives There?

Now let’s take a look at the planets that reside in your 9th House, if any, and what they might do in this astrological “building” akin to a college campus, library, revival meeting, or a ship sailing ‘round the world.

Sun.  You “are” the 9th House, a teacher and/or learner in some form, traditional or more informal, depending on the sign involved. Your creative self-expression is likely to run toward publishing, law, or spirituality. You shine in 9th House enterprises, and if you aren’t doing something that’s 9th-oriented, you are likely to loose your luster and feel depressed. Especially if you’re a fire Sun, you’re likely to be as much an entertainer as teacher. Regular travel is air to you. Without it, you can barely breathe.

Sun in the 9th: To feel whole, you must get out and experience other people and places on a regular basis.

Moon.  Feelings are your guru. You feel your way through life and quite possibly have prophetic dreams and whispers that send you on the next leg of your journey to learn more. If you aren’t expanding and growing, you are in acute discomfort. The dark night of the soul is when so much is going on for you emotionally; you can’t sense your connection to Spirit and the All Knowing.  Spirituality and the quest for knowledge are supreme for you. Like Sun in the 9th, Moon in the 9th is often a teacher as well as a life-long learner.

Moon in the 9th: Let the Moon lead you, and let travel feed you. Your best vacation is often a spiritual retreat.

Mercury.  You love logic and analysis in learning and the interaction of an educational community. Your many clever ideas find a home in any multiple of classes, formal or informal, and thrive at the pace of the Internet, a speed in keeping with Mercury, the Quicksilver God. You are also the press agent for the 9th House, gathering articles and references that you share widely, if you aren’t writing them yourself. You love news, writing, facts, and practical education. You are the Professor of Gismos and will help your friends know just which electronic toys to buy to make sure they can Google on the remotest island.

Mercury in the 9th: Nothing could be scarier to you than not having knowledge at your fingertips! Always bring the charger for your Smartphone.

Venus. Mix the planet of love and beauty with life-long learning. Envision a campus with rolling hills, autumn leaves turning, and a student fed by those surroundings, inspired to learn and grow. Ninth House Venus is likely to go to school or community classes as much to meet others as to learn the course content. There’s nothing wrong with that, inasmuch as relationships are the biggest university in the School of Life. For this person, friendships and beauty must be part of the learning equation—and teachers who are considerate, fair, and balanced in their approach to sharing knowledge.

Venus in the 9th: You love to learn with and through others in a comfortable, peaceful, happy atmosphere.

Mars.  You are action-oriented when it comes to learning, and you’re likely to take a pioneering educational cruise—or to sign up for other such learning ventures on impulse. Years-long degree courses are hard for you to tolerate for their slow pace. You’re much happier with certificate courses that let you get in, get what you need, get out and get on with it. You love the competitive aspects of school, and if you feel you need a degree to get what you want, the “sport” aspect of school will keep you going—and probably the actual sports themselves. University sports are an important part of the spirit that keeps students stoked through the educational process.

Mars in the 9th. You’re likely to be drawn to subjects with adventure potential like archeology. Surely Indiana Jones must have had Mars in the 9th.

Jupiter. Lucky you, if you have Jupiter in its “own” house! Professor, minister, and spiritual teacher are all possible professions. You are the biggest “lifer” of all the life-long learners, and your quest to know truth will lead you to all kinds of adventures, both in the classroom and out in the world of multicultural influences. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm attracts students, fellow learners, and truth-seekers with your magnetic personality.

Jupiter in the 9th: Think Santa Claus gone back to school with all his generosity, jolliness, warmth and goodwill. You are a beloved teacher and as a student, quite often the class clown.

Saturn. You don’t mind the discipline and structure that’s needed to get a higher educational degree or the most complex of astrological certifications. You are willing to deal with the structure, self-sacrifice and nose-to-grindstone needed to get a diploma and probably a few other special awards along the way. You’re wise and grounded, and you make a nice complement to some of the other Jupiter signs among your peers who need your rooted responsibility to make the organization work, whether it’s the university, the denomination if you’re a minister, or your local astrological organization.

Jupiter in Saturn: You provide the bones in educational organizations and endeavors and the framework necessary to make them lasting. As both a student and teacher, you are hard working and a dependable, often cherished authority figure.

Uranus.  You’re the Dean of the Experimental College and the University without Walls! The more untraditional the learning environment, the more you fit in. If you must be in a more conservative setting, you’re a reformer. You turn the powers-that-be on their collective ear with your innovations and bold objectives. As an astrologer, you are in hog heaven, as it’s the kind of learning system that appeals to you, especially because each chart is as unique as a fingerprint. As a social, friendly professor or student, you love the group learning process. You prefer it, even though you’re independent and have plenty of brainstorms solo that you bring back to your colleagues or students.

Uranus in the 9th: You want to unleash the power and brilliance of the individual to innovate education, learning, and truth seeking. These great minds brought together constitute a think-tank that can change the world—or at least your corner of it.

Neptune.  Learning inspires you, and it’s just another way of getting to the truth of our Oneness. You learn by intuition and through many right-brain media: dreams, music, myth, spirituality and mysticism. With this placement, you may have difficulty at times grasping and grounding what you’re learning. You may have a tendency to escape "the real world" by becoming a professional student. School is bliss, but it can’t get you to Universal Love without being shared. As a teacher, you are intuitively inspired and often beloved.

Neptune in the 9th: You’re an ecstatic learner or fantastic teacher, challenged to bring your visions of truth down to earth in a way that others can grasp what you’re seeing.

Pluto. Ninth House Pluto has deep and life-changing experiences around higher education, religion and philosophy. He or she is often the embodiment of current cultural happenings. Teachers change this person’s life. Sometimes there are deep relationships involved, even sexual. This individual can also be affected to the core by a guru or fellow student. Education might be this person’s “ticket out” of a difficult life and make a huge difference in the trend of where s/he was headed.

Pluto in the 9th: You’re a zealous student and a powerful teacher.

North Node: With North Node of the Moon or the Dragon’s Head in the 9th, your life purpose is deeply connected with learning. Fortune, prestige, and connections are likely to come in educational and/or spiritual settings. Stay true to your values and you will realize your dreams and visions.

North Node in the 9th: Your path is the path of learning. Realizing your potential depends on keeping both feet on the path at all times.

South Node:  If South Node or the Dragon’s Tail is in the 9th, you are likely to have teachers or professors in the family as a legacy—even a past life as a scholar or learned elder. You come from “brains” and wisdom. You may have the ability to draw on these roots as unconscious talents. For you, it’s not so much about learning as remembering.

South Node in the 9th: Tune into what you know from your genetic or past-life memories—and don’t being afraid to trust your instincts.

Modifications/Taking Notes. Of course, all of the above will be tempered by the sign in which each of the planets expresses. It will also be further modified by having more than one planet in the 9th. In one article series, even a three-parter, these permutations too large to tackle.  But here’s what I call some homeplay (as opposed to homework) that will help you better understand your Jupiter and 9th House signature:

Start some notes from Part 1: Lift key words from the description of your Jupiter sign that really fit you. In this Part 2, jot down the key words from planets in the 9th that stand out to you the most. Once that’s done, add key words for the planets in the signs from memory or your favorite reference, those that are most “you”. In Part 3, you’ll add the House placement of Jupiter, if it’s not in the 9th. By the end of the three articles, you’ll have the most important nuggets of how Jupiter works for you.

9th House Quotes by Robin Williams

Comedy is acting out optimism.

I'm sorry, if you were right, I'd agree with you.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Example from the chart of Robin Williams, who teaches and entertains us by way of comedy:

Click to englarge

Jupiter in Aries (5th) – Creative beyond most human boundaries, quick witted, fires one joke after another with machine gun speed, usually with profound punch lines. Loaded 9th: Uranus, Mars, Sun in Cancer followed by Pluto and Mercury in Leo. Innovative, quick, intuitive, transformative, life-and-death and sexual issues. With Mercury right on the MC in Leo, he’s a look-at-me messenger of cultural angst and wisdom. Note Scorpio Rising and Pluto as chart ruler conjunct Mercury. His profession of stand-up comic seems to meet all his life-long learning needs and fits many of his other chart factors to a T, like Uranus trine Moon. (He’s so far out; we originally met him as Mork from Ork.)

It’s great to remember that laughter is both teacher and healer!


Next: Jupiter in the Houses for the majority of us who don’t have Jupiter in the 9th—and the conclusion and synthesis of the series.

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LB said...

Hi Joyce – Long time no talk to.:) I’ve been enjoying your posts on Jupiter and the 9th and am looking forward to Part 3; I hope my comment isn't better saved until then.

My retrograde Gemini Mars (exactly conjunct my Part of Fortune) is placed in my 9th (conjunct the MC and square 12th house Pluto, which is conjunct my Ascendant), while my Jupiter in Scorpio sits in the 3rd and is conjunct both Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio (sextile my 12th house Pluto) – these are just a few of the aspects. I think my placements work best when I direct my energies, through words and deeds (as well as my Reiki paws), to help clarify and support meaningful, authentic and compassionate spiritual/political/social action. The irony is that I’m not at all political, although I do care about results, so I try to advocate in support of certain issues.

I learn through my everyday experiences and communications, and am not afraid to delve deeply in order to thoroughly understand the truth beyond superficial appearances – really, I haven’t had much of a choice, although I’m grateful for my experiences. Venus (ruler of my own 2nd house Venus/North Node/Sun in Libra) rules the cusp of my Taurus 9th, and I think this describes my overall philosophical/spiritual approach to life, which is the value of LOVE expressed in practical ways. I don’t place my faith in rhetoric or dogma.

You’re right about the education thing – I’ve always preferred short-term courses that teach practical skills.:)

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, LB!

Great to hear from you. Glad you're enjoying this little Jupiter marathon. :)

It sounds to me like you've got a great handle on your own Jupiter configuration. I think many of us prefer love expressed to dogma, and I really appreciate how you put that!

Hope this finds you well. I'm in my usual Jupiter trine Mars overdo, but at least I'm having fun!

Great to hear from you and to hear how Jupiter works for you,

Anonymous said...

Did you write this for me? :) I have my sun in leo in the 9th house followed closely by a stellium in virgo of merc, venus & jupiter (also 9th house). I think I might be using that Jupergo tendency to keep myself from being the teacher I'm supposed to be. I.e., if *I* don't have it exactly right I'm not going to do it! Excited to see the next installment.

Thanks, eve.m

Joyce Mason said...

Eve, you so have nailed the perennial Virgo issue--do nothing until it's perfect. Even now that I have accepted that nothing is and I launch forward, I still spend untold energy trying to come as close as possible to the ideal.

We need to remember that Virgo is an Earth sign and life is messy--and be willing to be ourselves, warts, imperfections and all. I hope you'll go out, teach, make mistakes, and have fun! With that much 9th House, it sure seems to be calling you.

Thanks for taking the time to Comment, and I'm delighted the post hit home.

Take care,

Mads Elung-Jensen said...

Hello Joyce,

great to read your Jupiter articles.

Im one of the fortunates with a beautiful Jupiter in 26 Gemini in the 9th house. My MC is 2 Cancer, this conjunction is sextiled by my 11th house Leo 26 Moon and my Virgo 2 Sun, and trined by my 2nd house Scorpio 3 Mars.

Almost too much of a good thing? I love the search for wisdom, Im thrilled by the exchange with wise elders, and I love to pass on whatever Ive learned.

And Ive learned to love the development that all life's crisises have to offer. The first times I had major challenges I just couldnt believe it, since I was so convinced that I was meant to spread joy, fun, and singing songs to the world. But of course, all the hardship has been great blessings, without it I suppose the urge to develop wouldnt have been so strong.

If you have time, there's a couple of things Im wondering about.

Would you say that a Jupiter conjunct MC more reflects the 10th or still belongs to the 9th or is it bits of both? It feels like the latter generally.

My progressive Jupiter will turn retrograde in 10 years, when Im 56. When I was 19 I saw an astrologer who wrote on a paper that I still have, 'your life is now meant to serve a higher purpose'. It seemed pretty far away at that time, but now, after some 27 years, I can much better relate to whatever form that might take. It's a bit out of your article's scope, but something that I do wonder about once in a while.

All the best, Mads

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Mads!

From what I can see, others seem to experience primarily your bits of both on a planet conjunct the MC from the 9th. One thing progressed Jupiter Rx might hold is a greater emphasis on spirituality or inner knowing. Just like Mercury Rx asks us to be inner and brings us so many glitches if we won't cooperate; Jupiter Rx may tend to have you crave reflection and tapping your inner sources of knowledge. By our 50s, we're headed toward wise if we aren't there already! That sort of inner review is the place where higher purpose is usually born.

So glad to know you've enjoyed our trip to Jupiter and the 9th House!

Always great to hear from you,

Mads Elung-Jensen said...

Thanks Joyce, your very kind to answer. Ive learned such a lot after discovering these great American blogs.

And Ill greet happily whatever might come. I always loved the saying 'when the student is ready, the teacher will appear', that's certainly always been true in my case.

Sunny greetings from Berlin, Mads