Friday, February 11, 2011

Got Questions on Chiron? Get Answers!

A Time-Sensitive Announcement

Dear Radical Readers,

As mentioned in my monthly New Moongram (subscribe at the top of the sidebar if you don’t already get it), I’m in the midst of two guest Q&A sessions about Chiron on Donna Cunningham’s remarkable blog, Sky Writer. The first session on February 5 focused primarily on natal Chiron. It was a lively exchange with excellent questions by a very engaged audience. These little centaur kids are my symbol for having the right playful spirit in learning. Bring yourself and your inner centaur-child to the festivities!

Chiron Transit Q&A. The next session on Saturday, February 12 begins at 1:30 pm PST and focuses on Chiron transits. Donna’s Chiron Alert announcement has all the details including a link to view the February 5ths Q&A. While it’s not necessary to be there in real time to read the next exchange (you can always visit Sky Writer later), to ask a question, you need to be on Sky Writer at the appointed hour, ready to pop your question into the comment box. I’ll only take 25 questions, so if you have one on Chiron transits that’s burning for you, get there early for a better chance to get your question into the queue.

Chiron 101 Summer School. And by the way, here’s something to start pondering. I’m planning to do a Chiron 101 Summer School for six weeks in July and August. It will be an online class conducted by group e-mail. I have taken writing classes this way and just love the format. The idea: I write a “lesson” on Mondays and Thursdays, sent to the class via the group e-mail list. There are always questions at the end for response and comment. Each individual Replies All, and we have ongoing dialogue—and, at the end, an e-mail “book” of our learning together. (Just keep a folder for the class in your e-mail box.) There will be a generous discount for early sign-up by mid-June. If you’re interested in this offering and want an e-mail when registration is open, please contact me (joyce at with Chiron Class in the header.

Till the next offering on my Mobile Mt. Pelion,


Photo Credit: Cute Toon Centaurs Playing in the Snow | © Algol |


Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce. What time will that be in "European" time? I missed your last Q&A by a nose ...

Joyce Mason said...

Hi, Natalie. If you're the same time zone as London, it's -8 hours. In other words, 9:30 pm in England. If you need another country, just Google "time zones." There are many sites that you can bookmark for easy reference whenever you need to translate the time. There are some quite cool looking ones!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce. Thank you for the wonderful Q&A last night - so many interesting questions and answers! And thank you for answering my question. I did try to sneak in a second question, but no luck. So I'll sneak it in here, and you can answer if you want to! You said in my answer to remember that a chiron return was back to when a person was born, and it sparked another question: Would it be an idea to look at circumstanses around the birth, to see themes if you want, to work on during the Chiron return?

Joyce Mason said...

You're welcome, Natalie--and yes, that's an excellent idea!